Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mother Earth

When Jean Paul II was passing away he told his faithfuls "O Mother of God, I'm entrusting a fate of the Church to You!". He was not aware that in fact it is not a fate of the Church but a fate of whole globe. 

The Lord was able to send a deluge to the lands all over the Earth and now he is also in same mood. The things are not going well enough and the time of Judgment is nearing with every year, if not month. 

In additions some fools at the Order are executing their Ancient Scripture step by step. Not taking into account possible reaction of the Lord they are nearing the moment in which they will murder and replace Our Lady. 

That will be a truly point of no return and it is up to the people to realize it that the Lord have already enough of them and their foolish plays and just want to depart this globe to make a new civilization on some other. 

That is an alternative that people alone has suggested him in his prison time. Killing of her mother and replacing her is not an option. It will meet the zero tolerance from the Lord and you will find quickly that salvation is not possible this time.   

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