Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mother of all wars

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani today in unusual words warned President Trump that 'Iran is a mother of all wars". His wording the Lord is receiving as extraordinary expression of sympathy. 

The Mother of God is however last step in the replacement of the world leaders. Before Vladimir and Dimitri are going to be replaced and the world will again find itself on the verge of a war. 

The words of Hasan shall be then carefully studied by the further murderers that using Kaczynski as the shield will try to find a safe harbor in Moscow to seed there a real Bolshevism. Also there the Lord have his people and the life of assassins will be very short. 

The odium of this inhuman act will only for moment hang over the Moscow. Soon we could expect the murderers will be delivered to before the Lord by Iranian influence and the whole act will underpin Poles and their Western Allies. 

At the end the Order and their Knights will be responsible for this inhuman act against the God and their smoke screen will disappear in the night quickly.

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