Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mother of God

And that is why I'm entrusting to You, Mother of Church, all the affairs of this Church, whole of his mission and whole service in the perspective of ending of second millennium of Christianity on Earth.
Jean Paul II, 1979

In last post the Lord exposed how twisted is criticism of Pope Francis on human trafficking but this shall be not the biggest issue for the Pope. As the Lord is going to leave his hometown his mother is exposed to the deadly threat.

We are missing you so much Jean Paul II. Soon they are going on with the 'Big Change' and they forgotten that it is opened by the murdering and replacement of Our Lady. The move that will not only kill her but that will foremost kill all the hope for Salvation for this planet.

How you are going to treat Your Lady that has lead you to crash the Soviet Union. It is so symptomatic for the Christianity since the fate of Celine Mickiewicz.

The Lord is lacking his words but you can be sure that this time he will respond by crashing your civilization and leaving the planet. If Pope Francis will be not able to stop the Order from execution of Our Lady the whole civilization will be destroyed by the Lord on the Day of the Judgment.

This shall be then a top priority not only for the First in the Church but to every Faithfull. Losing the Mother of God will mean lose of all hope for this globe, saith the Lord.

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