Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mr. Joy and Ms. Happiness

It's a painting made in 1920 by Lord anointed Witkacy. Do you see a joy and happiness on it? Then why do you think that the Lord will be content from your 'Great Change'?

Most of the people on the planet Earth is deaf but those that hear the Lord we can divide on two categories. 

First, Pytniks, as Witkacy would call them are happy from the Script. In their minds there is a different picture of the Lord and Amanda that will live decent and happy life together. This is a prize for all those years of rejection and sorrow that the Lord enjoyed from their side.

They are sure the Lord will be happy from the Script and they do nothing. They are passivly waiting begin assured by their masters and leaders that the Lord is merciful and will bring the Salvation on them. They are very very wrong.

The other smaller group is the Crusaders. They would like to use the Lord in their games. They know very well Al-Aqsa lesson and are just waiting for the Lord crucifixion. They does not care of the Lord because they know that at the end the East will be to blame for his death and nobody will remember misery and rejection of the West.

Both groups are fundamentally wrong. This time it will be not so easy to gain Salvation as the Lord have enough of this planet and such impotent civilization and will rather destroy it to depart on another planet. 

So do not care, you have a perfect Script for the Lord crucifixion and be not afraid of him. We will see how you will end.

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