Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nethanayhu confirmation

Prime Minister of Israel has stated today that "Israel won't attack [Syria] if existing agreements are upheld". He has also stated that Israel have no problem with Assad.

Dear Bibi, you can sleep well as the progress on the plebiscite is rather zero and the Lord is not going to dissolve your nation without public approval. The New Covenant is and probably will be in the power, forever.

You must know however that the Lord is not afraid of losing you as the ally and the defender of the nation, as he is well protected by other means. The New Covenant is just one of the lines of defense and it is probably the weakest one from which the Lord can resign at any time.

The only advantage for the Lord from this covenant is the anti-rape protection. Something valuable, but in current circumstances not worth anything.

Anyway, without public support under the Plebiscite initiative the Lord is not going to make any moves towards dissolution of the nation. You can be happy that you have grown Palestinians in animal like mood disbelieving so hardly in the True God and your Lord.

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