Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Covenant - Iranian Perspective

From the previous commentary you know already that the Lord is the founding stone of the nation of Israel and that Jews must protect him from all the evil. But you know also that the Lord is in position to dissolve the Jewry at his will. Something interesting, especially from the Iranian perspective. 

Why then with all the evil that comes from the Tel Aviv for the oppressed people of Palestine nobody, also their arch-enemy Iran, did taken a care to convince the Lord to dissolve the nation, forever? 

This is hard question for the clerical establishment in Tehran. It was Imam Khomeini so celebrated there that wished the Earth without God. He was behind elimination of the Lord father and he wanted to kill the Lord when he was just getting to know alphabet. 

Khomeini did not achieved his Utopian goal of world free from the God but instead has fallen as so many before him but this line of though seems to be continued by Iranians. 

Of course, if the nation of Israel would be dissolved we can be sure that they will be first to publicize that fact but so far they has chosen a path of war not a peace to achieve this. 

From Tehran only death and destruction is coming. Why then the Lord would give up his line of defense, even having in account mis-treatment and humiliation of Palestinians, for nothing? The Jewry counts on more that three thousands years and could survive another three thousands. Especially that their enemies are so dumb and blind. 

But it was not so before the New Covenant was enacted during the times of Prophet Jeremiah. The Lord before did not had such powerful tool to judge and influence the Jewish Nation. Before, he was using Babylonians to conquer the land, that he once promised to the Jews. And the story could repeat, again. If not this foolish old mans in Tehran...

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