Friday, July 6, 2018


It's rare moment to observe true face of Putin but he just gave us one of this shots. He just stated during an IT conference that "Some countries' selfishness harms global security". What he had in mind? 

Is not he posing as an altruist and great friend of Israel that want to help Jews in their 'struggle' to liberate from the Lord influence? How angry must be those that wish that the world will forget about this secretive New Covenant that has just exploded in the Internet in Israel and aboard. 

In the eyes and minds of this monsters there is only one wish. To eradicate Lord from the memory and hearts of his people. But there they have found an obstacle. If they would harm the Lord whole nation will be dissolved in one moment. Something that your own friends Iranians will not forget...

But is Internet a really changing a game? Is not this just a Holy Bible that billions of you can find in homes and institutions all over the world from centuries. 

Internet is for the Lord a tool that could mobilize Jews around the world. To educate them and to activate them, so we will together prepare world for the salvation and the coming of the Lord to Jerusalem.

What an alternative is? The Lord did it in past and it is called the Deluge described well in the book of Genesis. You do not need to have access to Internet to understand and realize that. It will be visible like a star of Bethlehem on your sky. Dear Putin and others like minded. 

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