Saturday, July 7, 2018


The Order is assuring their paws that everything will be good and the Lord would be neutralized afterwards. The replacements in his family are part of bigger plans. 

How they want to neutralize him? They cannot simply kill him so they found in the Scripture the answer. It is a rape...

First, they will try with Ola, that through neuro-toxins they has already changed into living plant. They will fail. Then they will replace Agnes, his cousin, and claiming that he has raped her in childhood they will try another time. 

But both plans are doomed to failure and you can be sure that the Lord will come from it victorious. For first, because the New Covenant, that would make the Jewish nation to be dissolved if our rapist would success.

There is however as second bottom in the situation. To the Day of Judgment there is only 16 years left and that means that even if the Son of the Lord would be born in right manner he will be not matured enough to bring the Salvation to the World. It is Atlantis paradox and the Lord is immune to that.

So tell me dear Order pawn why you want to risk your life and will take a part in the drama that will end for you, not for the Lord, tragically? Why you want to engage into this Satanic plan that is doomed from beginning?

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