Sunday, July 15, 2018

Side-backs of Judgment

What a Trump proposed is not a new tactics. It is side backs of the Judgment that as it is nearing people become naked in the eyes of the Lord. Also attractive ladies...

In such a trap Mickiewicz has been caught when he has meet Celina around 1833. From this relationship Wincenty Pilsudski has been born but has been taken by force from the pair and grown in separation. 

Mickiewicz unlike current Lord was not told the Kabbalah and he had no idea what a role he plays in the world affairs until the 1833 - year of the judgment, so it was easy to trap him. 

No situation is different and the Lord is fully aware of the Kabbalah. Moreover now it is not only about the Deluge. Now he thinks of laving the planet for another one where he want to create new civilization that will be like heaven compared to the Earth. 

For that reasons, thinking about Celina, about using magpies is a childish tactic. Of course they all will be rejected, except Kabbalah ladies - Raga, Amanda, Nina and Christie - that are pretty safe for the Lord because of their races. 

Thus having such strategy for the election in 2020 is having no strategy. And if you will play this way you can be sure that at the end you all will be doomed. Because you are will be naked in the eyes of the Lord at the end of the day. With all your evil...

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