Monday, July 16, 2018

The backup plan

After the summit one is sure the potential murderers of Our Lady will not find a place in the western hemisphere. Still Lord believes in the Russian generals.

Putin has agreed to keep Syrian and Iranian forces out of the border with Israel. This gives us some time but how long? Before he and cousin Dimitri will be replaced.

The situation of Poland and Israel is same and maybe even it will have same timing. With Putin replaced they will find in same grave situation losing their only security guarantee.

The squad, returning to the core issue, that is going to execute Mother of God will be safe for moment if will be able to cross Russian border. Something that Kaczynski will agree.

They after arriving in Moscow will become a founding stone of New Soviet Union. A core of Bolshevism.

But can they count this time on ordinary Russians? Lord doubts. His influence do not know borders and with Judgment nearing it will only grow so it is only matter of time before they will be executed by the Sons and Daughters of Levy.

The other problem is that whole plot was organised by the Order and in the Church you will find organisers. They will pay for that too but whole planet will be set to doom. Only because of some ancient scripture and the people hearts...

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