Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Unstoppable

The Lord is unstoppable, as the rock that he is throwing each hundred of the years into direction of the planet Earth. He is unstoppable because he is the only person on the whole globe that can stop this rock from hitting the planet. 

Even those with little imagination can imagine what will happen if he would be missing from this equation. If they would murder him, who would save whole civilization? There is a big reason why they are constantly talking about the Salvation and calls him the Saviour. 

Even if not everybody understands that the Lord is only person that could save the Earth from another Deluge and following Ice Age. Even if he would have a Son now, he will be not matured enough to replace his Father.

That is why the rape of the Lord that some are planing will not work. This thing was in the past and it is called Atlantis. They cannot kill him. They cannot rape him. That is a truth that you must understand. The Lord is unstoppable as the rock that is going to hit the Earth. He is unstoppable, as the justice he brings to the land. 

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