Friday, July 6, 2018

Thun face

Civic Platform MEP Rose Thun has said today that "[Morawiecki] is making to the Poles a face of bandits". What if she after getting know to the New Covenant was rather going to said that 'Lord is making  to the Jews a face of bandits'...

This is nothing new, and in Nazi anti-semitic propaganda you could find similar ideology. The Jewish nation is unique in scale of the globe and is constructed in the very specific manner. It is part of many millenniums of history and so far it was going through it in unbreakable alliance Jews-Lord.

Maybe it is true that Lord is making a bandits from Jews but they like it very much and it is not business of Rose Thun or anybody else. It is specific of the Jewish nation and was so through thousands of years. 

The only one unhappy was the Nazi that wanted to exterminate the Lord and eradicate him completely. 

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