Sunday, July 29, 2018

Twisted like Pope

How twisted and immoral is the Pope and the Church in general? Yesterday he has publicly criticized human trafficking. Let's then take a look at the Church backyard. What Malta Order is preparing for the Lord?

They are going to acknowledge soon Lord's claims and are preparing 'Big Change' offer. In fact they do it almost every 100 years since the partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. They are going to acknowledge the claims and pay the Lord one million dollars but not for free.

The condition is to Lord to procreate black Son. Like a breeding horse with some African lady called Raga. Is not this deal just a human trafficking, dear Pope Francis? Or maybe you have another word for this?

Then lets take a look on what will happen later. They are going to meet the Lord with Amanda. Aim? The same, but this time a white Son. Does anybody ask her for an opinion? No. She is forced to do so under the threat of death. 

Very romantic story and of course does not have anything in common with the Church practices. The Lord also does not have any choice, he just want to pass this in as humane manner as possible to reunite with his further wife - Nina and to meet and liberate Christine that is forced by the same Order to take a husband in Denmark. Also because of this same Catholic Order and the Script which they run almost each generation.

Was there other way? The only is to abandon the Script and sit to the negotiating table with the Lord. But the Pope is not going to do this anytime soon. He is not in power to influence the Malta Order and do not have bulls to confront the Lord. Instead of this we will see same Script they plays since hundreds of years. And this of course does not have anything in common with the human trafficking which the Pope so openly criticized...

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