Monday, July 16, 2018

US foolishnes

Today Donal Trump has stated important thing. Ties With [Russia] Have Never Been Worse Due to Years of 'US Foolishness & Stupidity'.

That is very true and this Foolishness & Stupidity have a name. It is Barack Obama that has lead the Lord into years of homelessness and imprisonment.

If Donald Trump will be able to repair this relations then for sure American nation will pay him back and will re-elect him on next presidential terms. This is something that not only Americans are expecting.

However, if Donald will limit himself to the Maltese Scripture and will simply execute it step-by-step it will only bring a Wrath of God on him and whole globe. To come out of this situation requires a lot of work and good will on both sides.

The Lord has prepared a nine point Manifesto in which he lays down his expectations. A nine points that must be completed before the year 2033 to avoid his departure. And they are not a low ones...

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