Friday, August 24, 2018

Drug Policy Reform

Through millenniums plants like cannabis, magic mushrooms, poppy or coca was accomplishing humans. The prohibition of it is a XX century innovation. Innovation that proved to be failed one.

Whatever we like it or not people always used drugs and it is not a sin. It never was and it will never be.

However, intelligences agencies on top with American one, used it as a tool of not only enrichment but foremost of the control. The best example is Polish President Andrzej Duda.

It is always good for the CIA to use drug addicts and to place them at the top of the controlled countries because such persons are easy to be blackmailed. Such politicians are really useful, as they will never allow the public to know about their addictions.

Will a crack user allow public opinion to get the knowledge on his addiction or rather will do anything to stay at power? He will certainly sacrifice national interest for the stake of personal safety.

This system of enslavement must be abandoned and the conventions on illicit drugs changed at the UN level. Instead to global prohibition a global legalisation must be enacted if the world wants to be saved.

And that means that the Earth have just 15 years to change strategy towards drugs and drugs users. In 2033 the Lord want to have a world free from drug prohibition. Globally...

If this will not happen he will simply depart the planet to another one. Somewhere where there will be no prohibition at all...

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