Friday, August 24, 2018


It was years ago when the Lord was active on drug policy reform. He was heading that time to the meeting in the Council of Europe. The organization was working then on recommendations on drug testing in schools and the Lord was invited to share his opinion on that.

What was shocking is that he was invited by the CIA to join the agency. He was supposed to write reports on his colleagues and to send all texts he wants to publish to the agency for corrections.

He has refused and soon found himself on the street and in prison.

This is only sample but very important to understand how big powers, first Soviets and now Americans are ruling the world.

And now when you see in the mass media messages about Robert Biedron running for President you can ask yourself a question: did Robert had same meeting like the Lord? Did he agreed to cooperate?

Would not be the Lord running now for President of Poland if he would agree to cooperate with the CIA? This did not happened and now instead you will be judged by some that you wanted to recruit...

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