Friday, August 31, 2018

To world leaders

You have been told that Bennu asteroid will hit the Earth in 115 years. In reality it is just 15 years. What are you going to do?

Trump answered buying latest missiles but this will not stop the meteor. Pope Francis is stammering about God while Israeli Netanyahu is speaking about how weak will be eliminated by stronger.

These all are leaders of past epoch. They will not change and they must be changed if you want to stop the Lord from leaving the planet.

And you must know that it will be not easy task to stop him. He have a vision of super strong civilization made from all the semitic races: Jews, Arabs and Aryans on the another planet. How to convince him to stay on Earth then?

The answer is not hard. You must complete whole of his Manifesto in just 15 years changing Solar System into Kepler one. Moreover global prohibition of drugs shall be replaced by the controlled distribution. Alone this is task not for years but for decades.

But you do not have as much time. You have wasted it. Do not be leader of the past. Talk future. Directly...

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