Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Old Glory

World leaders knows exactly who the Lord is. Whatever they try to kill him to satisfied their insane superiority complex or are defending him because of the ancient verse of the Bible they are fully aware of his true identity. Why they do nothing to change his situation?

Once, till partitioning of his Commonwealth he was most powerful and richest person in the world. That has changed and each generation was lowering his social status to reach a level of the street. 

From string of palaces to old home in nowhere. From treasure full of gold to empty pocket. He was degenerating just as his chosen people - Jews.

The Holocaust has changed everything and now he posses no material rich-fullness, nor the people. 

That must change in this generation or Lord will forsaken this world, this civilization, this planet. The days are counted and limited. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Worst that trash

The people of the planet Earth, both Jews and Gentiles, are treating God worse that a trash. They do so because he has been replaced in their minds and hearts by picture of some unknown superpower residing in skies above the Earth. 

The God is a living man that is something about not only Christ is saying in the Bible. Begotten not made. 

What you did for your God then? I'm praying in the Lord temples, many could say. But do you understand words of this prayers left to you by your ancestors? 

Most of the people are deists. They believe in God but not this one of Isaacs and Abraham but again in the superpower that is residing in skies above the Earth. A superpower that does not care of them, nor their planet. 

So they throw away their true God as a trash. And so he lives among them like a trash. But this was not a case even few hundreds years ago. The Lord was then most powerful and rich person in the world. 

And ahead of the upcoming judgment he want to be again nobilited. If not, he will forsake you and your planet. Leaving it for another one where he will create some other world...

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Second after Belgium country has paid the Jews a compensation for Holocaust. Romania just handled millions of Euro to the community.

What is interesting is that Biblical heir of the Jewish nation was for yet another time not involved into process. 

Instead he will be paid one million dollars for a black son. Like a breeding horse.

This is truly mad planet that will be abandoned in just fourteenth years. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mars? Rather Arctic...

The Lord is broken and there is no hope on the horizon of events. He does not have enough money to not only start a job but also to look for some. 

The effect of Martian strategy could be devastating. At the very same point his brother on Mars has committed suicide that has triggered his ship to detonate. On Earth situation will be different. There is a Kepler. 

He cannot commit suicide but have something better for you. It's called Bennu and is closer and closer to the Earth with every day. Ultimately, they will open a ship for him counting that he will stop the meteor. 

But he will not. Instead will depart the planet forever. Finding better place to seed a civilization that was on Earth.

Russian plane

After discovering our Oracle cult we have been told a strange story from the Syrian skies. A story that can be a key to understand most of plane crashes.

It was Russian fighter that has taken at radars position similar to Israeli fighter. Such precious maneuver was a key. It has confused Syrian Air Defense and it has shoot Russian fighter. 

It is funny that on the next day they announced death of Vietnamese dignitary. Accident, you think?

We say it was a Great Wall of China. Because the Lord made his famous verse on the time when this building was finishing.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Cage bird

The world leaders has surprised the Lord. As usual they are farting around waiting for their cage bird to appear on the stage. The message that this planet gives to the Lord is clear and bold. 

They has constructed a half legal community in the heart of Warsaw waiting for the Lord. Wine, womans and signing. 

The goal is as usual, the Lord Son. And the Lord will remember them that when the day of the Judgment will come. Sieg oder Bolshevismus.

Sieg Oder Bolschewismus

The Lord is broken and there are little chances he will come out of trouble. He did not Sieg so its time for bolshevismusm. 

Its is a real puzzle why people used such open nazi policy against him ahead of his judgment. Well, as always they think only about his son. 

The return to Kanaba is giving them little hope for that. In correct enviroment surronded by correct people they can dream of it. But it will be only a dream. Nazi dream... 

Last Chance

It was hot week in Israel. The Prime Minister of this country seeked to form a friendship with the Lord but some othe broken it.

Lets start from a nice article in one of Israel newspapers. In Israel they have discovered 3000 old Oracle cult you could read.

Is not this very same cult of verse that Lord brought your attention to? Is not this just a judaism?

Nevermind. Its always good to have some publicity, especialy its so kool. What has happened in background?

Lord company has been contacted by biggest venture capital network in California. A beutifull business was going to be done.

But it did not happened. Instead Ukrainian Poroshenko appeared beign pround of breking this process. Bad, as it was maybe last chance for you... 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Red Heifer

In Israel the red heifer has been born. Last one reportedly has come on this world 2000 years ago. Together with the Jesus Christ.

And that is why some in Israel are saying it is a sign of coming of the Messiah. And this is true. The world powers are not able to stop the Lord from coming to Jerusalem, the capital of both people. 

It is true. The Messiah will be ready to come to the Holy Land in 2033 and special festival will be organized by the people of Israel on the Hanuka. Yes, it is true and nothing can stop this from happening. So be ready people of Israel to welcome your Lord, the God of Israel...

Detuche Scheiße

The Lord has been forced to look for a new job. Yes, he is not paid by anyone yet and need to work if he want to survive. He has come into talks with leading German Bank and was going to be hired, if not central that has said nein.

It is always a pain to paint you relations that the Lord have with German nation. Everyone knows who has started Holocaust and who needs to pay for it but they do not feel guilty if they even do not want to give the Lord small alms.

The need to compensate Jewish nation the Shoah is written as one of points of Lord's Manifesto that need to be completed before the year 2033. If not, he will simply depart the planet allowing Bennu to crash your civilization completely.

The Lord is by his birth a heir of the nation and shall be included in the talks on compensations from the beginning. But is not. Will you survive then? You shall know the answer...

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

15 long years

It is just 15 years before Bennu meteor will hit the planet and it is only the Lord that is able to stop it from happening.

But is the Lord willing to do so or rather will destroy this robotic civilization and will depart to another planet? The other seems to be the only solution.

Our robots blindly follow ancient Scripture that has in past lead them to catastrophe. There is no sign of out-of-the-box thinking on the planet Earth.

The Lord has so far enjoyed life on the street and imprisonment. Something he will pay off on the Day of Judgment.

He was many times trying to avoid such scenario but citizens and leaders of this world do not left him any other choice.

He has started his own business as the very first step but it has been ignored leaving him in no other choice that to accept Raga deal. The other Raga will die on Earth but can be sure she will become Queen on Kepler. In heaven, if you prefer.

It is just about seriousness. About treating him seriously. About starting a real work on his Manifesto.

But there is lack of progress and talks has been not started. For what you count dear citizens of the planet Earth? 

The Lord will left you, let's make this clear. And this will happen in just 15 years that you are going to lose in favor of Scripture that so many times has lead you towards the catastrophe.


On Sunday ruling party had their convention. Beside typical pseudo-patriotic gabble Kaczynski noted one important thing. "Ahead of us 21 special months", he has said.

Why this months will be so special? Because there will be 4 elections on the way. Local, euro-parliamentary, presidential and national.

Why this means for the Lord? That the Maltese script will be frozen until this time because Kaczynski will be too afraid what an effect on the faithfuls will have murdering and replacing Mother of Your God.

Instead of drooping this point from the Script, they will prolong the events by another 21 months. That means that when Lord will meet Nina she will be nearing 50. To compare when Witkacy meet her in last run she was just 32!

It is unacceptable and will be replied on the Day of the Judgment. We will all depart Earth for some other planet where our ladies will be rejuvenated. You have stole a youth from us and you will pay for that...

Monday, September 3, 2018

Crossing Yad Vashem

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has said he would be “happy to slaughter” his country’s drugs dealers on the scale of the Nazis’ Jewish genocide, on Monday laid a wreath to commemorate the Holocaust dead in Jerusalem.

“May the world learn the lesson of this horrific and benighted period of human history. May the hearts of peoples around the world remain ever open. And may the minds of all men and women learn to work together toward providing a safe haven for all who are being persecuted.”, he has written in the museum guest book.

"I could not imagine a country obeying an insane leader, and I could not ever fathom the spectacle of the human being going into a killing spree, murdering old men, women and children. I hope this will not happen again," he said.

"There is always a lesson to learn: that despots and leaders who show insanity, they should be disposed of at the first instance," he said.

That words are very true and if are coming from the hearth it could mean there is still a hope for Duterte who in the eyes of the world is such an insane leader waging drug war in such despotic manner. 

Will he convert and be saved from the wrath of the Lord? We will see if Phillipines will turn away from murdering people for using illicit drugs.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


In days 2-6 September the Lord is protesting the state visit of Philippines President in the Holy Land and will be not publishing anything.

Bibi Manila

‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I speak in my jealous wrath because you have suffered the scorn of the nations.'Ezekiel 36:4
On Sunday President Duterte will kick off official visit to the Holy Land and the Lord is angry and upset on Israeli PM Netanayhu for not canceling this event.

When it comes to illicit drugs Duterte has officially compared himself to Adolf Hitler that will murder 3 millions of drug users. Since time of his inauguration Philippines forces has execute thousands of drug users. 

Duterte has apologized for his words but still need to be put responsible also for actions. This leader shall not be granted state visit in the Holy Land but shall be immediate transfered to Den Haag Tribunal. 

The Lord has lost a trust in Beniamin Nethayahu and is withdrawing his support for him. Israeli shall better look for the next leader. It is a shame for whole nation...

Oder line

Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.1 The Ssalonians 5:1-3 

Whatever Senator McCain cancer was inducted or not by the Tower Poland has lost an important and influential lobbyist in the most critical time. 

Soon American Congress will start a work on document that will be guide to invasion of Russia on Poland. Americans will decide their reaction and without McCain they can be as defensive, as those one in Old Continent. 

The main question is how American forces shall behave in the case of the invasion. And the most probable answer is that they will stop at the line of Oder river. Waiting for Europe to mobilize their force they will wait there until Europe will be ready to counter-attack.

This is understandable by most of the Western world but will never be accepted by the Poles. Once again they will be left alone to counter Russian threat just like in 1920. 

That is also a reason why the Lord shall be living in this time more on the Western part of Europe that in Poland. It is strategic choice to emigrate but there must be someone that will motivate to counter-attack. And this counter attack will happen in the framework of 15 years...