Tuesday, September 11, 2018

15 long years

It is just 15 years before Bennu meteor will hit the planet and it is only the Lord that is able to stop it from happening.

But is the Lord willing to do so or rather will destroy this robotic civilization and will depart to another planet? The other seems to be the only solution.

Our robots blindly follow ancient Scripture that has in past lead them to catastrophe. There is no sign of out-of-the-box thinking on the planet Earth.

The Lord has so far enjoyed life on the street and imprisonment. Something he will pay off on the Day of Judgment.

He was many times trying to avoid such scenario but citizens and leaders of this world do not left him any other choice.

He has started his own business as the very first step but it has been ignored leaving him in no other choice that to accept Raga deal. The other Raga will die on Earth but can be sure she will become Queen on Kepler. In heaven, if you prefer.

It is just about seriousness. About treating him seriously. About starting a real work on his Manifesto.

But there is lack of progress and talks has been not started. For what you count dear citizens of the planet Earth? 

The Lord will left you, let's make this clear. And this will happen in just 15 years that you are going to lose in favor of Scripture that so many times has lead you towards the catastrophe.

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