Tuesday, September 11, 2018


On Sunday ruling party had their convention. Beside typical pseudo-patriotic gabble Kaczynski noted one important thing. "Ahead of us 21 special months", he has said.

Why this months will be so special? Because there will be 4 elections on the way. Local, euro-parliamentary, presidential and national.

Why this means for the Lord? That the Maltese script will be frozen until this time because Kaczynski will be too afraid what an effect on the faithfuls will have murdering and replacing Mother of Your God.

Instead of drooping this point from the Script, they will prolong the events by another 21 months. That means that when Lord will meet Nina she will be nearing 50. To compare when Witkacy meet her in last run she was just 32!

It is unacceptable and will be replied on the Day of the Judgment. We will all depart Earth for some other planet where our ladies will be rejuvenated. You have stole a youth from us and you will pay for that...

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