Sunday, October 7, 2018

100 years

Today Kaczynski has said that 'we will not achieve another Dubai but maybe we can build Polish Bavaria'. Well, Lord was from beginning saying that Kaczynski not only by his Smolensk syndrome is similar to German President Hindeburg. This is same breeding farm. Same genetic plantation. 

In one month they are going to celebrate 100 years of independence of Poland. Difficult 100 years that the Lord will judge in 2033. 

But what is interesting is what older brother of Marshall Pilsudski will be doing on this day and what are his conditions. It is a perfect picture of New Poland. An insult to every patriot. 

The Lord has decided that if conditions will not change he will on very that day will issue bankruptcy statement to the Polish judiciary. It will become a historical paper that we will display in some museum at Kepler. So keep dreaming about the Son.  Sieg, sieg...

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