Friday, October 19, 2018

Not for sale

Dear Sleepwalker if you are reading this blog you could have an impression that from long time you are dead and you are going to realize that in just 15 years from now. 

The Lord is not hiding that have enough of Earth and when access to his ship will be granted he will depart it immediately. 

Is there any hope then? The main problem is that the Lord has found himself three or four times close to suicide. Something that his brother on Mars committed some time ago triggering explosion of his ship and in consequence of whole planet.

The Lord is aware in this generation of this feature so there is no need of worry but what will happen in next generations? If he was ready to suicide now, he will be ready to do that in next. 

The objectivities of your civilization, in particular total rejection of the Lord are leading us to the very same end that we scored on Mars. The whole principles are wrong and dangerous. 

There was no such thing before, as the Lord was always surrounded by millions of his people. But that has changed with the Holocaust.

And now he simply want to avoid Mars scenario by leaving the Earth and colonizing some other planet. Where he will recreate all lost semitic races: Jews, Aryans and Arabs.

Of course you can be so naive that you can think that Kabbalah ladies will be able to stop the Lord from the departure. No, they will be not able and instead they will be proposed to go on another planet with the Lord.

Of course, you can be so naive that you can think that money will change Lord will. And again you are very wrong. It is not matter of money but survival of the mankind. The Lord must depart Earth to avoid Mars scenario. It is something he learned during past 40 years...

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