Saturday, October 20, 2018

Revisionism Zionism

Why Netanyahu family needed to flee Poland begin affraid of Piłsudski? What has lead Netanyahu to try to assassinate the Lord? The answer is simple: Revisionism Zionism.

A crazy ideology driving Jews to suicides was developed just 100 years ago and is founding stone for Likud party.

Why it is mad and truly anti-Jewish? Revisionism is based on false faith that the Lord can be killed and replaced and thanks to revision of history nobody will notice.

The ideology could work only if every country on the globe will agree to perform revision. A situation not possible with open Israel-Palestinian conflict.

It is not hard to imagine that among one billion Muslims somebody will notice that Israel by murdering the Lord would break the New Covenant. That the Jewish nation has been dissolved. That the Jews stooped to be a Jews.

It is interesting to note that one of biggest admirer of such revision was... Adolf Hitler. But this is of no surprised for historians researching collaboration between some of Zionist with fascism.

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