Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sleepwalkers planet

Is not this a sleepwalkers planet? Mankind is facing maybe biggest crisis in the history of the planet but world leaders did not spend even single minute to try to resolve it.

The people are happy. This one that are somehow involved in Kabbalah dreams about Raga, Amanda, Nina and Christine. This makes them calm. Not wondering about future of the planet. 

However, for the Lord situation is different. He has made a clear thesis. After Holocaustu the Earth turned into nonhabitable zone. To avoid his suicide and explosion of the planet it is better to move to someone else.

If you dared to think about it you shall be really affraid. No, the Kabbalah ladies will not help you. They are like star trek that will lead the Lord to the other planet.

The problem is the Holocaust that has changed surface of the Earth. The hundred years that passed has already proved it is unhabitable World for the Lord. 

You and leaders you was electing do not care about that. You did nothing to repair damage that was done. And you all will pay the price. Wake up. Time is comming up. 

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