Friday, November 30, 2018


This is only to remind you that the Lord already is on his Mission Kepler. Yes, he is going to depart the Earth just in 15 years. Well, on 4 December it will be just 14 years.

You has lost yet another year on doing nothing to solve your situation. You was lead be fallen leaders that are continuing to ignore the Lord and you all will pay the price. All the dicks from the planet Earth...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Knout out

Israeli PM is not resigning. Posing as the Saviour he has just taken Israeli Ministry of Defense in his hand. What to say about leader that have 74% of disapproval rating? Where he will lead his nation and whole globe? Where he will lead you, my dear leaders?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

NASA says...

NASA says that in 25 years Man will land on Mars. The Lord says that in 15 years Man will land in iglo.

Lieberman resignation

Today after criticizing Gaza ceasefire Israeli Minister of Defense has made a resignation. That is news welcomed by the Lord. The Lord does not want escalation of conflict in Gaza but appreciate very much Lieberman stance when it comes to his own protection.   

The Lieberman has changed a lot and seems to be converted since he has discovered this not so secret verses of the New Covenant. The Lord wishes him the best but is wondering if Netanyahu coalition will collapse now. 

This would be the best scenario for the Lord and whole of the Jewish nation. We are asking Nethanyahu for resignation since a long time but he said that he can resign but there is no body better for this position. We hope to see if that is true.  

Sunday, November 11, 2018

On bring of bankrupcy

World leaders gathered in Paris to celebrate 100th anniversary of end of I World War while Poles are celebrating 100th years of independence. The Lord at same time is one steep from announcing bankruptcy. 

This is a real world crisis that nobody is going to solve. Why it is so important? Because moment of bankruptcy of the Lord is yet another point of non-return. At same situation his counterpart at Mars committed suicide blowing up whole planet. 

On Earth it is not so dangerous but the Lord see very clearly how he has been rejected by the man and how this is leading him towards suicide and end of the planet. There is no mechanism to counterbalance this danger and the only thing that keeps him from making suicide is a knowledge of the link between him and the fate of the planet. 

If like on Mars they would lead him in coming generations to this point and if he would not have knowledge of the Kabbalah he would commit suicide like on Mars. At same point ending forever our civilization.

That is why he is instead looking towards the stars and thinking about departing the planet to find another one and there start civilization from the scratch. Never repeating mistakes they did on Earth. 

The moment of bankruptcy is then a moment of suicide of the civilization. Yet another point of non-return.  

Friday, November 9, 2018

Rabbi Rozenthal

Haredi Rabbi that was just elected to the local City Council in Israel has died suddenly. Marking this same a 'status-quo' and true nature of Orthodox Jews. Congratulations.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Names of God

Who is the YHWE? What is a true name of Yeshua? All the names of God in one body...

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Weimar elections

The elections in both Poland and United States that was held in almost same time has reminded the Lord a situation we had in Weimar Republic. 

The rules has limited themselves to the Scripture saying about Goodnesses that they are going to offer one day to the Lord and doing nothing else. The opposition also did nothing to change the Lord situation and the voters has been lured by those that at least have something positive for the Lord. 

The point is that this way fascist or nationalist if you prefer are able to keep the power but the public is forgetting that beside some of Goodnesses they are also going to murder and replace some of members of the Lord family. Crossing that way point of no return for whole of the civilization. Yes, thanks to inaction of the opposition fascist will gain or keep the power but the effect will be that the Lord will decide to leave the planet Earth destroying completely your civilization... 

To the rescue

NASA is not changing their mind when it comes to the Day of Judgment. They are claiming Bennu meteor will hit the planet 100 years later that it will happen. Well, they does not want to make a panic. 

What they want to do with the problem? No, they will not ask the Lord for the help, they are better. First they came with idea to use a nuclear bombs but changed mind because radioactive pieces of the meteor could do even bigger damage to the planet that one. 

Now they have better idea. They want to paint meteor by special paint that will change his course. They has forgotten that the course is artificially made and cannot be changed in any ways.

Do you feels safer now knowing NASA scientist ideas? Forget about the Lord. He simply wants to leave the planet when the day will come.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Bus stop: Independence

On 11.11 Poles worldwide will be celebrating 100 years of the Independence. But what kind of nation they are and what kind of Independence their leaders are talking about.

What happened to the memory of our Forefathers: Radziwiłł, Mickiewicz and Piłsudski? Is not our spirit, our pride lost forever in the Shoah?

Think about this in whatever march you will go. Look who is hidden on this bus stop called Independence. Where he is going? "The grandson will regain land of his forefathers", they was signing. Will it ever happen?

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Czech says...

The Lord have simple message to Czech PM and his German Masters. If those that has slain millions will not pay compensations and the found of restiration of Jewish Nation will be not established whole civlization will be destroyed in just 15 years, saith the Lord, God of Israel. 

Winter's dream

Her name was Nadia and she was from Ghana. She wanted go back to states but the Lord conviced her to visit him on the way. She has agreed but needed ticket. He agreed to buy it online. 

They painted a wonderfull dream. But at the end she or he wanted money. Wanted to cheat the Lord. 

Why I'm telling you this story? Because if the citizen of this planet would be thinking it would come True. 

They would had a warm Romance. They would marry. They would have a son. Yes, a son. Leson. 

Moon base

While the Lord or maybe just mankind is closer to bankruptcy every day Russians announced they will build a permanent base on the Moon. Americans are no better and are thinking about maned mission to the Mars. Well, this Moon base will be a perfect place to be for Lord's cousin Dimitri Medvedev when Benu meteor will hit the planet Earth. What a view.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


The recent Game of Throne announcement has come again with the knife in night. Today NATO announced death of U.S. soldier in 'insider attack'. Both hogs are fighting hard but at the end it will be a nation that will have deciding say...

Friday, November 2, 2018


While PM Morawiecki is splattering to Chancellor Merkel about return of Smolensk wreck they has put a foundations for monument of Lech Kaczynski. It is a pure nonsense, as they soon will need to remove it from the surface of the Earth.

What if this will not happen and such monuments of antisemitism will be not removed? Then in 2033 the Lord will land with his ship at the stairs by which his chosen people will go on board. Departing, forever.


Today Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Poland. It is kind of farewell trip, as he has announced her resignation in 2021. The Lord welcomes this, as a sign of the end of age of hunger, starvation and political repressions.

This event can also means end of Morawiecki time as Polish PM, as his position has been severely damaged by two recent court rulings claiming he has told a lies during local election campaign. In the eyes both leaders are total failure bringing your civilization to the edge of collapse.