Sunday, November 11, 2018

On bring of bankrupcy

World leaders gathered in Paris to celebrate 100th anniversary of end of I World War while Poles are celebrating 100th years of independence. The Lord at same time is one steep from announcing bankruptcy. 

This is a real world crisis that nobody is going to solve. Why it is so important? Because moment of bankruptcy of the Lord is yet another point of non-return. At same situation his counterpart at Mars committed suicide blowing up whole planet. 

On Earth it is not so dangerous but the Lord see very clearly how he has been rejected by the man and how this is leading him towards suicide and end of the planet. There is no mechanism to counterbalance this danger and the only thing that keeps him from making suicide is a knowledge of the link between him and the fate of the planet. 

If like on Mars they would lead him in coming generations to this point and if he would not have knowledge of the Kabbalah he would commit suicide like on Mars. At same point ending forever our civilization.

That is why he is instead looking towards the stars and thinking about departing the planet to find another one and there start civilization from the scratch. Never repeating mistakes they did on Earth. 

The moment of bankruptcy is then a moment of suicide of the civilization. Yet another point of non-return.  

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