Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Weimar elections

The elections in both Poland and United States that was held in almost same time has reminded the Lord a situation we had in Weimar Republic. 

The rules has limited themselves to the Scripture saying about Goodnesses that they are going to offer one day to the Lord and doing nothing else. The opposition also did nothing to change the Lord situation and the voters has been lured by those that at least have something positive for the Lord. 

The point is that this way fascist or nationalist if you prefer are able to keep the power but the public is forgetting that beside some of Goodnesses they are also going to murder and replace some of members of the Lord family. Crossing that way point of no return for whole of the civilization. Yes, thanks to inaction of the opposition fascist will gain or keep the power but the effect will be that the Lord will decide to leave the planet Earth destroying completely your civilization... 

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