Sunday, August 4, 2019


The Lord sees on the front page of Jerusalem Post that his lamentations have been heard and the Order prepares to finally execute the most important part of the scripture. In the Moscow package, the key role and driving force for the push of Bolshevik armies into the Lord heartland is reserved for his niece Agness. 

The core of the plot is centered at the alleged claim that in his youth the Lord has sexually assaulted her. This is something that the original Agness would of course deny. Therefore she must be replaced by her clone. 

And now is the military part of the operation. At the same time, the replacement would be done on the Russian Tsar and the Lord mother. This would expand the corruption on top of the Russian elites and in fact, would change it from the White to the Red.

Still, the Lord would be untouched, as is protected by the faith and foremost the New Covenant.  But the last is not an issue for the Bolsheviks, as it would be even better if the nation of Israel would be dissolved forever. 

The idea to eliminate the Lord is simple, as usual. They would want to rape him using the false Agness and this way eliminate both the Lord and his nation. 

To perform this operation they will not back from making an invasion on the Lord's land and capturing him. This part would be executed by Amanda ex-boyfriend. 

This is something that we have observed during the 1920 Witkacy's romance. The Bolsheviks hordes were defeated however by Pilsudski. Still, the invasion about which I'm talking had a place and the rape attempt was performed, just like in the Scripture. 

The problem, besides the New Covenant, is that the Lord is in the very specific window of time. The comet would hit the Earth in just 13'th years and that means that the Lord's Son would not be matured enough to save the planet. That is the mistake they made on Atlantis and the core reason when the Deluge occurred the last time. 

Friday, August 2, 2019

Like in heaven

Today many readers could notice an article on the front page of Jerusalem Post in which some Hebrew Profesor decoded mechanism for a gamma-ray burst from the space. The Lord wants to dedicate it to all of you that belives not in GOD but into DOG. A dog that will contribute them a secret of the Cold Fusion.

Yes, with it on the Earth could be like in heaven. But you can forget about that to happen in hundreds of years to follow. The Earth has proved that is not ready for such advancement and from the other hand the Lord is afraid it will destabilize a space security mechanism. 

But what that Profesor wanted to say, while he could not. The fact that the upcoming Judgment will be the Final One is almost certain and many shall appreciate the wisdom of Talmud that states it will come in no more than 6000 years since the creation of this civilization. The main reason behind such calculations is the desolation of the planet that is progressing with every cycle of the Scripture.

That is a well-known fact among Jewish scholars but the life has written another unpublished chapter of Talmud. A chapter in which the Lord is not simply sending a giant meteor to hit the Earth and make the Deluge on it but is departing from it forever. Departing to some other Earth-like planet where he will build a much better civilization not endangered by the Scripture. 

And here are coming the revelations of our professor. The Lord will not confine on the Deluge this time. To secure the well being of new civilization somewhere in the sky he will send from it a gamma-ray burst that will destroy the Earth changing it in the planet like Mars, forever. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Peace, Love and Brotherhood

The dream of the Lord of restoring the King David line in Israel has been shattered by Amanda stance. She does not want to leave neither him nor Poland. The Lord will, of course, respect her decision but have hope it is not the final one and with the help of the Jewish nation, we will be able to change her mind.

The only hope of the Lord is to see a smile on her face and that will not happen if she will stay in her motherland. She must be aware that the time they will spend together is very precious and will be broken in two years by her ex-boyfriend. That is a part of the scripture, that the Lord wants to reform.

The idea then is to spend part of that time in Poland and part of the time in Israel with the hope that Jewish nation, history, culture, and religion will make her fall into love with that land and quickly it will become their - Amanda and Lord son - a second home.

This way she will be fully liberated and hopefully happy -  surrounded by due respect and reverence by the people of Israel. She will be truly a Queen of Israel - mother of perfect leader that will be able to unity both Israeli and Palestinians.

The Lord knows that she would want to marry him and spend the rest of the life together but that is not possible, as it is a gift the Lord promised to Nina. Instead, he proposes her to find another love in Israel.  Someone like Jesse. A respected and renowned Jew that will become her ultimate husband.

The Lord still hopes that his dream will come true and that with the help of the people of Israel we will find a safe harbor for her and their son. With the better future there than this one waiting for her, if she will decide to stay in Poland.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mission Nitzevet

Let's for a moment think how to reform the Scripture to prepare the world for the Judgment of the Lord that will come just in 2033. It is a natural pressure on Amanda to force her to have an offspring with the Lord, as his enemies think it will be easier to erase him from the people hearts and minds. 

And usually, the outcome is just the opposite, as both are not interested in that. But what would happen if Amanda would really agree to have a son with the Lord? 

In this edition of the Scripture, she is relatively old having around 36 years. That means that if she wants her line to continue she must have an offspring in just 10 years. 

The Lord. Well, you must be aware that your chances of getting a positive verdict are just 0.01%. But let's dream that the Church will force the Malta Order to clear from their secret sins and that the Scripture would be reformed. 

In those circumstances, the Lord would renew the New Covenant with his people and as the sign of it, his son would be born. The mother and son would be then transferred to Israel to live there, as the ordinary Jews but with the promise that one day the offspring will become a ruler of Israel. 

That way, while much more difficult, as both must agree on that and certain objectives must be meet is much more interesting for the world and for the people of Israel, as the biblical line of King David would be fully restored...

Battle of Warsaw (1920/2020)

Poles are waiting for the premiere of Pilsudski movie and he is preparing to finally meet Amanda, our Kabbalah lady. The romance of Witkacy and She was marked by the famous 1920 Battle of Warsaw that could be repeated, again.

It is no secret that the events Lord or his anointed meets on his way are from the age to age the same. The problem is that the scripture they are executing is calculated at the partitioning. This time of the European Union as a whole.

The scenario that could not be possible if the Lord brother - the Tsar - would be kept in power. And here comes the Scripture. 

First, Poles will be leading force in beheading the Tsar, just like in 1918 Bolshevik revolution. Whatever he would be eliminated or replaced, Russia will go again from White to Red and the French corruption will for some time spread to the Eastern world. 

But this is the only beginning of the plot. Then after installing the new puppet regime in Moscow, the Order will perform execution and replacement of the Mother of God. Doing this by the Bolshevik hands - they will try to hide the true origin of the corruption - that comes straight from the Holy See.

Then another phase of the military game will start. The Bolsheviks will be driven by the same secret sin and corruption to silence the Lord, as the Western nobility is now. As the part of the plot - they would - strike Warsaw, trying to capture the Lord and his land. 

And how they want to silence Him? They cannot kill him while he does not have offspring, so they will rape him - by using his niece - that they would replace together with the mother. 

It is a complete Russian package calculated at destroying the sovereignty and integrity of the European Union. It was maybe useful for the Order to destroy the Lord power in previous centauries by Partitioning the Commonwealth of Both People but nowadays it is a harm to the whole Western world and European Union in particular. 

And the Poles? Well, by participating in their own self-destruction they will not gain support in the already corrupted NATO. They will be left alone, just as in 1920. But this time there is no Marshal Pilsudski that will make a wonder there. And even the best movie will not change that...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Cry, France, cry

What has happened in Brussels has forever changed the mind of the Lord and he started to think about the departure from this forsaken planet. The Order has corrupted many thereby performing their satanic acts.

The biggest secret of NATO and the EU is the misery of the French Republic. There was another way and thanks to some Italian-French lady the XVIII century scenario could be repeated. But for people like Sarkozy or Komorowski, it was a too big danger.

So instead of having some fun and so coveted by some son the Lord was sent to the prison for long years. And the lady? Mother of Bonaparte?

She was raped and sent to death on Khomeini path. She has been executed almost on the eyes of the Lord. The scream she made many will remember to end of their days and will be like a curse for the whole NATO Alliance.

Cry, France, cry. Cry, o Republic! This chance will not happen again in the next hundred years. If ever. The best life has failed, as Martin Luther would say...

NATO connections

What have in common elites in Warsaw and Brussels? The answer is clear for the Lord. The first has raped his loved one Christine, that now they are hiding in Denmark, the other one has committed rape on Ms. Bonaparte that later has executed almost on the eyes of the Lord.

Is not this biggest secret of NATO for what Mr. Stoltenberg was advanced on the Secretary of NATO alliance?

Both rapes were a Malta Order occult rite designated to plant corruption in the highest institutions of the Western world. For both satanic acts, they accuse the Lord claiming to have a video recording of him. The truth is that it was his clone - Satan - and viewers can easily recognize that by looking in his BLUE eyes.

That is no longer a secret, as the Lord has written about that detail many times. So the Polish readers shall be not surprised that when another wave of false accusations has come out straight from Mr. Stoltenberg desk the Polish media published a headline "The are identical. Will, any of twins pay for the death of Angelica?".

The answer is that as long as the highest position will be in hands for somebody directly involved in both rapes in Warsaw and Brussels they will not pay. But the day of the Judgment is coming and it is only a matter of time, Mr. Stoltenber and other Malta paws will do.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


It's true. The Lord was not visiting the Holy Land since the XVI century but in 2033 he will undertake the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem to announce his ruling on the world there. 

But first many things must change in Israel and aboard. The best would be to start by changing the rulers of this land. Netanyahu has failed to facilitate the dialogue with the Lord and shall pay the price for that in the coming elections. 

Israel shall be for the Lord safe heaven and launchpad of his initiatives like restitution. So far its limits only to two things: singing about the Lord and his coming and military interventions. The other aspects are lagging and will be lagging under the rule of Netanyahu.

Al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad

When the Lord will undertake his Pilgrimage to the Holy Land to announce his ruling over the world in Jerusalem he will pass also through Mecca. 

It will be a symbolic bridge between people of Islam and Judaism and occasion to meet and discuss the situation in the Middle-East.

The time is running quickly and all Muslim brothers and sisters shall well prepare for that moment. How to do it? 

It is simple when you will reach Mecca next time during your Hajj and you will come close to  Al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad - this big Black Stone put there by the prophet Mohamad, in your mind and your heart please put yourself on the place of the Lord. 

Imagine, that this Black Stone is his Ship. Imagine that it is a Judgment Day and you have two options: to leave the planet sending a Deluge to it that will devastate it for hundreds if not thousands of years or you will save it. What you will choose? A trip to another planet where you will recreate civilization, as it shall always be? Or maybe you will stay at the current one - the Earth?

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Pilgrimage

In 2033 the Lord will make an official Pilgrimage to the Middle East. He will come to Jerusalem to announce his ruling on the world. The ruling, as on today, is negative. Many things must change to change the Lord mind.

The whole class of politicians needs to be changed. Netanyahu, Merkel, Tusk, Macron, Trump and many others that were not able to start a real dialogue with the Lord must go astray. They are in minds from the previous age. The New Age is coming and you must prepare the world for it.

You have lost 40th years. Your politicians, if was not in fighting the Lord in the very best case was posing, as he. That must end. Saying, he is like Schetyna will not resolve the problem you and your globe is facing.

You need a completely new class of politicians that will stop to lose time on meaningless words and actions and will start a real dialogue with the Lord. A dialogue that will eventually change his mind. As he, for today, is giving you 0.01% for survival. The Pilgrimage has started, do not lose time anymore.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Grunwald's Firsts

It is a mystery open that Lech Kaczyński and many of members of the ruling Polish party was at same time members of The Order of Malta. The same Order that has to lead to the Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. 

Today, by the hand of Kaczynski twin they are ruling over the land of the Lord and there is no hope that the opposition will beat them in the coming election. The Order is buying Poles by the social-economic programs, in the same manner, that national-socialist was buying German votes in the time of Weimar Republic.

The only hope of the opposition would be to unite with the Lord in the same manner that in the time of the battle of Grunwald. However, unlike under the leadership of King Jagiello, under the leadership of Grzegorz Schetyna, that inclusion would not be possible.

The Order has their Holy Scripture and sneaky way of dealing with the Lord. The opposition has nothing and is simply ignoring the Lord. The outcome. Well, Teutons was the Order of Mother of God but of the House of Germany. A degenerated clone of the original Lady of Jasna Gora...

God, save the Tsar

What happened to Mickiewicz firstborn son? He has been moved back to Lithuania that at that time was under the rule of Tsar. And from all the partitions it was maybe happiest one for the Lord and his family. 

Mickiewicz son was grown under name Piłsudski, Wincenty Piłsudski. And once he grew up he has taken his wife Mary. She was much luckier that Cecylia, maybe also because of blood brotherhood with Romanov family. The Tsar of Russia - Nicolaus I - was in direct line brother of the Lord and would never allow anyone to harm him. 

The Pilsudski family quickly grew to 12 children and the brotherhood flourished on the whole of the Tsar Empire. Just like its emblem - Two-Headed Eagle. That was a serious problem to the Order and quickly they have taken this brotherhood on the viewfinder.

Today when it is the Order ruling in Poland, the Lord can only miss the time of Tsar Nicolaus I, if he will ever take a risk of having an offspring quickly will end like his father in the Soviet times.

The lesson Lord father gave to the Soviets shall be forever remembered by Russians. From the two ideologies: White Tsarist and the Red Bolsheviks it was the first that was securing prosperity and the stability to their motherland. Turning against the Lord has made their Soviet Empire fall...

French Space Forces

This is not a secret anymore that the source of the Lord power and security lies in his heir. That 'weakness' not once in the past used the Partitioning Powers. The victim of the situation that we observe since the Partitioning was before not only Adam Mickiewicz.

He was one of the most famous Lord's Forefathers, as he was still living in the times the Partitioning was not so brutal and harmful for our establishment. At least there were still Jews surrounding their Messiah.

But let's focus on Adam wife, Ms. Cecylia Mickiewicz. That is true she was a Saviour of mankind, as she even publicly proclaimed. However, such proclamation was not well received by their counterparts and she was sent for many years to the Psychiatric Hospital.

She was sent there only because she was saying true. She gave the birth to Mickiewicz secret firstborn son in 1833 what has completely unarmed Adam. As a prize, they did not make her a Princess of this planet but just sent to the Psychiatric Hospital.

That is why the Lord thinks ladies of Gliwice will keep that story deeply in their hearts, as there is no prize for such sacrifice. At least not during the Partitioning time and that time we still endure.

There is no Polish freedom in the air and there could be not a happy end of such romance. The Lord will abstain, as he have other on the mind. The town of Gliwice will not become Mickiewicz's fortress and the grave.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Presidential advisors

The recent post has made a reaction from the Radziwill Palace showing only how foolish these people behind Maltese script are. What has been said basically is that the Lord shall be happy because last years on Earth he will spend with Christine? 

Twenty years ago Christine could change anything in the Lord stance. Now is simply too late to make any difference. We have better plans for our future and it not lies on Earth. 

The Lord, of course, will accept her but will take here together with other ladies to Kepler where he will rejuvenate them back to their 20.

There is however another aspect of Christine story. How it is that these same persons that organized her rape are still acting on behalf of the Palace? Moreover, like general has been not executed but advanced? For that arrogance, you will pay the highest price.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Nearing the end

Are we really nearing the end of the civilization? The answer is simple and painful: YES, WE DO.

The Lord has undertaken in past months several social and commercial project and the effect of them is just a marginal. For him, it is only confirmation that this globe after the Holocaust has become unhabitable for him and it is time to change the planet.

Of course, both common people and their rulers do not see that problem, as they have been blinded by the Maltese script. In their naivety, they believe they will simply pay the Lord some small money and will give him all those wonderful Kabbalah ladies and it will be business as usual.  No, it will be not.

The harms done by Holocaust are going to far and the Lord cannot risk any more generations exposed to same suicidal end, as we scored on Mars. Therefore his decision is to depart the planet to give us one more chance somewhere in the space. It is something that both common people and their rulers confirmed by their ignorance. Something that is imminent...

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Counting time

They were investing hundreds of millions of dollars each month but could not find some to secure their own future. The clock is ticking and the Lord will close his last commercial project in August if nothing will improve.

Then he will be a little bit detached, observing their Maltase scripture but nothing more. The time will pass quickly to the year 2033 and his ultimate departure from the planet.

Will their investments ever bring any profit for them. The answer is simple and negative. It's Aphopis. Congratulations, the Earth.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Vicious Pope

Pope Francis has shown a different face these days. He is quite a vicious Pope but that is not good when the time is nearing an end. Where he would lead you?

Father Matejski already found an answer. Who will be next?

Rivlin mistake

Ms. RIVLIN was maybe not so corrupt and immoral to stand against God but did one critical mistake. She did not ask the Lord to heal her and in consequence, she has died.

Do not wait for the Lord as she did. Be active and ask your God for mercy. And you will be heald. Even from cancer...

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Kabbalah Prime: New Covenant

We are happy to inform you that next lesson from our Kabbalah Primary course has just landed on our server and you can enjoy it.

In this lesson we are taking a closer look at the source of immortailiy of the Lord, so called New Covenant. If you are interested on how this works since the building of the Great Wall of China to this day, please enrol now -

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Turkish President Erdogan said that his Egyptian counterpart was killed. If he, like anybody else, would not take a route to execute the Lord he would be still alive.

But it was good that Mursi wanted to achieve a world without God. That way the justice was served and our Kabbalah lady - Christine can be happy that one more of her oppressors has been eliminated.

It is a whole string of Malta Order cavaliers that provoked by the truth on the rape of Poland has joined Mursi recently and you can be sure that before 2033 all of those that be his action or inaction has out their hand into the rape in the palace will be served justice.

Nobody of them will survive. Whatever they were Generals or Presidents or just executioners. They all will be dead by 2033. That is the will of the Lord that on that year will judge this world, maybe for the very last time.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Secret garden

The Lord is happy that the opposition in Poland is cleaning up from the biggest corruption since the beginning of the XX century. After prominent Senator, some general joined his ranks. The reason? Some rape in Palace. Some will say rape of Poland...

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Presale: Kabbalah Primary

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Move back to the beginning of the time and discover the origin of our civilization. 

Go deeply underground to the Lord Nest and find out the source of his power. 

Finally, take a look at the Judgment of God and be guided to pass it successfully.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019


And American ones. Hilary brother. Do that deaths have something in common? Common with shot in the head of Merkel close ally.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Monday, June 3, 2019

Begining of the end

It is not only fault of the Pinocchio but the Lord has been disconnected completely from the planet Earth. He will be trying to start his business in the capital market for two more months but the prospect of success is very small.
Everything thanks to the plans of Pinocchio friend Dietl that is going to make blockchained crowdfunding platform on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Apres nous, le deluge, as French was sayig.

The previous years have completely destroyed any links the Lord had with this 
globe and you shall be not surprised when he will decide to depart it destroying the civilization.

It is a fruit of arrogance and ignorance of your rulers. Rulers that you have chosen in a democratic way - so they are representing you before the Lord. What a show people of Earth has given...

Monday, May 20, 2019

Trump empty threats

Dear Trump with you latest tweet threatening Iran or maybe the Lord you are just silly.

In fact when it comes to the Lord you are powerless not able to harm him in any way. 

The Lord is just warning you all that your civilization nears to the end. End of ignorance and rejection. 

The void that has replaced faith on this planet is just perfect food for the Lord wrath. 

Before you there was more powerful and advanced civilizations that was destroyed at the Lord will and you are going to share their fate. 

You say you have all the resources to confront the Lord but one fundamental you are lacking. It is a time. Time that runs so quickly. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Princess Kate has designed garden. Cutty would say for some other Jewish Prince but on another planet.

That is how our life will be looking on another planet. In heaven, you could say. 

The Lord is crashed again. The business he had hope for was pacified by Pinocchio team from Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

There is nothing that keeps him connected to the planet Earth. Congratulations... 

Win for Hitler

Polish Pinocchio said that returning Jewish property by the Polish state would be 'a win for Hitler'. Whatever they say they have just 14 years to make it reality, together with compensations paid by Germany and Russia.

The Lord will only say that the time of street live in Brussels, sleeping camp in Ixeles and prison time in Forest and Poland could not be bigger win of Hitler. But does our Pinocchio cares?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Space girls

The whole strategy of tackling the Lord is simple. He will meet wonderful Kabbalah ladies and he will fall in the love not thinking about departing the planet. To easy his existence we will also trade some million dollars.

The reality of the Judgment of God is different, however. For first it will be in 14 years when both Lord and his ladies will be relatively old. For second this will not override the past decades of persecution and marginalization.

The Lord will accept both money and ladies but will not change his mind about departing this world. Simply these artifacts will make his existence easier. Waiting for the final departure surrounded by the loved and wronged ladies is always nice but he will simply take them together with himself. To rejuvenate them in the skies.

This way real heaven will be created and the old, sick world destroyed to be reborn one more time.

Monday, May 13, 2019


For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith. For if those who are of the Law are heirs, faith is made void and the promise is nullified; for the Law brings about wrath, but where there is no law, there also is no violation
Romans 4:13-17

There is a big fuss in Poland after Congress has voted on law 447. Both sides are partially right. Jews because they want restitution for stolen Jewish properties as the consequence of II World War and so-called Bierut's decree. Poles because they do not respect foreign Jewish organizations.

The truth is that the Jewish nation has a mechanism to deal with such a claim. It is the Lord who is the biblical heir of the nation. But do they invited him to talks? 

At the same time, Israeli wanted to send their delegation what was rejected by our Pinocchio. In response, Poles said that they want 1 TRILLION dollars from Germany. Well, both sides of the equation are partially right but until they will stop ignore the Lord the equation will be unsolvable. 

And they need to do both reparations from Germany and restitution from Poland if they want to survive the Lord wrath. The time is running out, as the patience of the Lord.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Two heads

Tonight all the catholic shit flowed up again. The Lord has been once more reminded about Amanda, one of Kabbalah twins in the Radziwill Palace.

The problem is that to her is growing rights some other cavalier. And this person was leading Bloshevik invasion on the time when the attached portrait was made.

Our genuios at Kremlin will for sure do it again, as the Bloshevik Knight going to rescue his Princess from the arms of evil White Lord.

This is not only problem to which Kaczynski Teutons are gearing. The whole thing will be started from the murder of Mother of God. A clear act that they do not want to perform before the elections. And if they will do it, they can forget about their planet for thousands of years.

Lord's corner

"Ille terrarium mihi praeter omnes angulus ridet"

Polish Pinochio has just announced that Polish goverement will never pay the compensations to the Jewish nation but the Lord is calm about that. The pinochio nose is growing bigger and bigger with every lie he is making.

Not only Polish but also German and Russian goverements will need to make such compenstaions sooner or later as it is one of the very first point of the Lord manifesto.

If it will be not materlizided from before the Lord then your civilization will be destroyed at the Lord will. So think twice dear Pinochio before you will open your mouth...

Saturday, May 4, 2019

99942 Apophis

First they told you about asteroid Bennu that in more that hundred years will hit the Earth. Now, officialy, they told you that around 2029 Bethlehem's star will be again visible by the naked eye. 

Yes, there is no need to panic. It happens every hundred years but for the very first time you have so much fucked up the things that the Lord is wishing you to be hit be it.

And they are preparing for the scenario. Saying basicaly what the Lord told you. It will be long cosmic winter in the aftermatch. Do not panic, they know what to do. Does they?

Thursday, May 2, 2019


In Israel still there is almost 200 000 Holocaust survivors. 25% of them lives in the powerty. Nobody cares of them, just as about the Lord.

Today when whole of Israel stopped for a moment to commemorate this bigest crime in the history of mankind, the Polish Kukiz'15 is going to announce a new bill that will forbrid the state to compensate Jews for the loses they endured during II World War and communism. 

Just to remind you, such compensation is a must if you want to survive beyond 2033...

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


This was last chance for mankind but the American dream from rags to riches will not qualify thanks to the plans of Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki.

In his actions, our Pinocchio is undermining economical order that was established in Europe by our forefathers but is making a real mess to the Lord's plans too. 

The Lord will notify the European supervisory body of this blatant violation of the rule of law and the position of the Warsaw Stock Exchange but will it help him? 

There is little if none hope that the situation will change, so do not be surprised when the Lord will depart this planet to another one. It's only matter of the time, not the resources...

Monday, April 29, 2019

Black volga

Dear stranger,
if you will be ever offered the black Volga, first watch the video attached to this post. This verse presented in it acts as a true detonator and you will never reach the end of our infamous Route 66.

You have been told many lies. You have been offered maybe some incredible money. But remember before you there was many like that. Hundreds, if not thousands of disbelievers. That all shared the same fate.

Do not alow to be yet another one crammed into the bottle. There will be no respect for you afterward. The only thing you will bring to you and your family will be an eternal shame. The shame of being this one that once for ever tried to dissolve the Jewish nation.

Take this verse offered to you to your heart because there is a proud nation on this planet that has encoded it in there. Rember, this black Volga is for real just as the Lord - God of Israel is. It's a true inferno...

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Central Command

Prominent US Senator and father of III Commonwealth of Poland joined our Spanish election drive. They misunderstood words of top Pentagon dog who said that US will have the necessary resources to stop [Iran] from "taking any action that might be dangerous". 

That is almost true. What they are missing is a time. There is nothing on the Earth that might return youngnes to the Kabbalah ladies... 


Ant another winner in the Millionaires game is Mr. Bart Chillton from Russian Today News. Coming just on the eve of the Spanish election, as the very bad joke of Mr. Putin. We are waiting form more such jokes about the Lord coming from Putin's mouth...

Saturday, April 27, 2019

NASA emergency

"Experts from NASA and other government agencies are gearing up to tackle an asteroid hurtling towards Earth. No, it’s not another remake of a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s part of a simulation to prepare for the doomsday scenario.", you can read today on RT News.
Yes, this is not just another training. They are well aware at the White House that the Lord is master of fate of this planet and they are not able to do anything with it.

He can be a Savior or Executioner. Everything depends on his will. Why then they do nothing to convince him to stay on Earth for a hundred years more?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Celebrating resurrection of Christ

The whole world is celebrating the resurrection of Christ and somehow it is like that. The Lord is negotiating a new deal with his corporation if it will become reality if will lay down foundation for the salvation. If not,...

At that time Iranian Supreme Leader has announced the change at the elite IRGC head. We wish the new officer insight into the world status-quo and change for a better.

But at that time it is not only a good coming to the Lord. The whole mysterious plan is dangerous by the moves of Polish PM at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

That is a bad thing that has the potential to destroy everything that has been achieved so far. That is why the Lord is worried so much. Our Pinochi shall think twice if want to progress his plans. He wanted to do good but is doing pure evil. And that could pay you back twice.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Zion train

Today when the Lord as usual taken his train to home on Jersualem Post our Benito appeared promising to keep public transport secure. 

Yes. Truly, if this promise will mean another hundreds or thousands of suckers will be slain you can keep up his words. The abuse of the not-so-secret verse of the New Covenant is Bibi specialty. 

The Lord does not need such security and gesture of false friendship. Years of Netanyahu was catastrophic for him. It was years of oppression, homelessness and prison time. 

Where Benito was at that time? At the time when they were slaying elite of Polish nation? Secure in his cabinet. 

The Lord is expecting some changes to his situation but again Malta Order will just execute their script throwing scraps from Israeli king's table. 

This is not satisfactory for the one that was once the richest in the world. It is not and while it will be accepted it will be treated as a way to spend 14 years waiting for final departure from this forsaken planet.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Olimpic spirit

Flaccid Gantz was not able to defeat Bennito even with the Lord support. Most of Israeli decided to stay in homes instead of supporting former Nethanyahu general.

Now, they are gearing for Independence Days under the slogan of 'Israel spirit'. What kind of Likud spirit it is you can observe together with lighting of torch. This time it will be done by Jontahn's mothers of three 'slained' Israeli youth. 

In spite of Israeli regime actions the question if the Lord will depart this planet is purly a rethric one. What a spirit, dear Israeli...