Thursday, February 28, 2019

Gantz vs Netanyahu

The 33th Israeli cabinet can bring end to the Bibiland and the resurrection of the Jewish State. The Lord is not hiding his sympathy to Benny Gantz.

Holy Land. Will the Lord be once again the Savior is the open question.

There is not too much time left for the change of world affairs in social, political and economical spheres and Israel must be an active player to achieve that. 

First it must change itself and open for the Lord. This is something that Netanyahu has opposed. 

For the Lord Bibi time was time of humiliation on the streets of Brussels and in the prison. Time of pain and misery. 

That must change. The leadership of Israel must change. And it seems for the Lord that only Gantz is able to deliver this change. Bibi is dead, long life Benny... 

I will bring you back home

How actual and fresh are these words. Especially if you will change 'Zion' to 'Kepler'...

Drowing in the Mother tears

Yesterday some from Kaczynski camp said "But first the mother". Some replied "But first zombies". And truly the inhabitants of the planet Earth can become a living dead waitig for the Judgment Day for the Lord to depart them, forever.

The gates to prosperity of the Lord and his people cannot be closed until the Order will execute and replace his Mother. In that way whole of your civilization will be destroyed by the Lord will. 

Passing this point in the Kabbalah would be for all of you like passing a point of no return. Why then you do not do everything in your power to stop this insane Teutonic crusaders in their mad plan - the Scripture?

Just think about Mother of God as about your planet - Mother Earth. If you will sacrifice her, you will sacrifice your lifes. Yes, the are other... planets.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Asad visit

Yesterday rare Asad meeting in Teheran bringed surprise. It was Zarif that resigned from his Foreign Ministry post.

If that was apology for past mistakes and a clear sign of policy change Lord welcomes the move and is waiting for real actions aimed at improving or rather establish relations with him. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Too late

Today Trump speaking about North Korea suggested that they does not need to hurry. 14 years seems to be long time to prepare payment but the Lord sees things differently.

Nothing can return lost youth. Youth of the Lord and his ladies. No money, nothing. 

Besides, the Lord in his mercy proposed in his Manifesto a concrete plan to fix the world. But since 2 years nothing has been done. Even single step has not been made. 

No need to hurry? There is still 14 years to make a check? Tell this to Kabbalah ladies that lost their youth alone. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Heart of blasphemy

The Iranian IRGC did not left any doubt that the regime in Teheran is no different from those we have currently in Tel Aviv.

The twisted and evil rules of this forsaken planet must be taken down in just 14 years. They use slogans of God to mislead their people. In reality they do not believe in what they say to them.

This is very sad for whole Earth, as the Lord is certain of his decision to depart it on the Day of the Judgment and there is no Mahdi coming to change his mind. This ancient pattern of salvation has been certainly lost...

The people of this planet has forsaken believes of their forefathers and will pay the price. The whole globe will be hit by the giant meteor coming from the skies in 2033. 

There is nobody else but the Lord that could bring the salvation but you lost the faith. No priest, no rabin, no pastor, no Pope, no Imam can save you but just the Lord, the God of Israel. But this time he is not willing to do so.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Imam Mahdi

Iranian Ayatoylah in his 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution said a word or two on coming of Imam Mahdi.

They belive that this hidden Imam would be able to stop the Armagedon on the last day of this civilization. 

It could be true but they must stop speaking and start acting. Only 14 years has left to the day the Lord will depart this planet crushing it by giant meteor. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jesus is the king

Somebody has painted a label "Jesus is the King" on the walls surrounding old Jewish graveyard. Yes, people all over the world see how Israel is treating the Lord, his God.

The planet after Adolf Hitler is inhabitable to him and needs to be changed for some new where are Semitic races will be recreated. The Jewish element is missing and this disguisers that has taken his Holy Land are not able to replace them.

We are nearing the Judgment of the Lord and in any matter will be not positive for the Earthly civilization. That is undeniable fact.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Israel-Nazi cooperation

Israeli PM Netanyahu during his stay in the Lord country stated that "Poles was cooperating with Nazi". Who was not? Even Jews was doing that. Of course if you think about individuals.

Did Poland had any agreement with the Nazi regime? Answer is no but it is not true if it comes to so called Jewish state - Israel. They was in alliance until late 40'ths dreaming that one day with the Hitler help they will establish their state.

This is historical fact and it cannot be denied not covered. To celebrate the alliance they have even created a coin. 

And what is Israel under Nethanyahu? Is not this just insane Nazi-like state that is humiliating Palestinians? In eyes of Europeans they are just crazy. They have no right to talk about Holocaust when they perform it on the Gaza.

The state of Israel was not done by Jews - at least Jews by birth. They are almost all immigrants that converted to Judaism. They are not a Jews in racial sense. 

And also their action or inaction are talking against them. How they threat the Lord? Where they was when he was dying from the cold and hunger on the streets of Brussels? They has simply put him in prison. 

But the day of the Judgment is coming and all will pay for that.You will pay in silver coins, as once for Jesus...

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Towards stars

Dear Christine, 

You are probably in Denmark waiting for your wedding. That is not so bad thing since the events in Radziwiłłów palace. 

They will certainly allow us to meet before 2033 but I want to make sure one thing. That you will spend your second youth with me on Kepler. 

That is not only about you. There was another lady which they murdered on the way to the Lord in Brussel.

Instead of allowing them to be together they followed once again their insane Scripture and will be paid once the Lord will come on the board of his ship in 2033.

Be patient, dear Christine. We will be again together soon and its the Lord promise you will spend your youth with him. On Kepler. 

Raga blues

While Polish TVN has been overtaken today by Raga under the guise of Michelle Obama the Jerusalem Post published more philosophical one.

There you can see black mother and daughter. Both very sad waiting for something. Is not this message to the Lord: We will give you Raga but will take your mother.

The answer was formulated much longer. That will mark last years of your civilization. Youth - Christine. Youth on Keppler...

Friday, February 8, 2019

Rabin Eckstein

Rabin Eckstein was not first and not last Israeli Rabin that tried to take all of Jews out of their shoes. But was very symbolic thorn in the Christ crown.

Did not Israel once again crucified Jesus Christ. Did not Israel once again send to death the Son of David. Did not Israel once again murdered King of all Jews?

Hopefully not and that way we still have a Jews on this planet. But the Lord has been made sure his killer once the Lord will have a son will come from Israel. 

Why then they still listen to people that calls themself a Rabins and have nothing in common with the Lord? Moreover, they want to slain him.

We are living in XXI century and the Lord does not need anymore servants like Rabin Eckstein. Anybody can come in direct relation with the Lord. But nether Gentlies, nor Jews was doing this?

The question in the context with the Lord wish to depart this planet is curricula for your survival. Why then you listen to people like our Rabin? Why you are still away? Why you do not turn to your Lord, the God of Israel. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Israeli American hope

It was day of Likud primaries when Jerusalem Post silenced itself for more that 8 hours.

Then a sprint of news has come and among them that on about Israeli-American rabin Yeachiel Eckstein that has been found dead.

He also wanted to prove that there is no God. And as many before him he was send by the nation to the graveyard.