Thursday, February 28, 2019

Gantz vs Netanyahu

The 33th Israeli cabinet can bring end to the Bibiland and the resurrection of the Jewish State. The Lord is not hiding his sympathy to Benny Gantz.

Holy Land. Will the Lord be once again the Savior is the open question.

There is not too much time left for the change of world affairs in social, political and economical spheres and Israel must be an active player to achieve that. 

First it must change itself and open for the Lord. This is something that Netanyahu has opposed. 

For the Lord Bibi time was time of humiliation on the streets of Brussels and in the prison. Time of pain and misery. 

That must change. The leadership of Israel must change. And it seems for the Lord that only Gantz is able to deliver this change. Bibi is dead, long life Benny... 

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