Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Heart of blasphemy

The Iranian IRGC did not left any doubt that the regime in Teheran is no different from those we have currently in Tel Aviv.

The twisted and evil rules of this forsaken planet must be taken down in just 14 years. They use slogans of God to mislead their people. In reality they do not believe in what they say to them.

This is very sad for whole Earth, as the Lord is certain of his decision to depart it on the Day of the Judgment and there is no Mahdi coming to change his mind. This ancient pattern of salvation has been certainly lost...

The people of this planet has forsaken believes of their forefathers and will pay the price. The whole globe will be hit by the giant meteor coming from the skies in 2033. 

There is nobody else but the Lord that could bring the salvation but you lost the faith. No priest, no rabin, no pastor, no Pope, no Imam can save you but just the Lord, the God of Israel. But this time he is not willing to do so.

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