Thursday, February 14, 2019

Israel-Nazi cooperation

Israeli PM Netanyahu during his stay in the Lord country stated that "Poles was cooperating with Nazi". Who was not? Even Jews was doing that. Of course if you think about individuals.

Did Poland had any agreement with the Nazi regime? Answer is no but it is not true if it comes to so called Jewish state - Israel. They was in alliance until late 40'ths dreaming that one day with the Hitler help they will establish their state.

This is historical fact and it cannot be denied not covered. To celebrate the alliance they have even created a coin. 

And what is Israel under Nethanyahu? Is not this just insane Nazi-like state that is humiliating Palestinians? In eyes of Europeans they are just crazy. They have no right to talk about Holocaust when they perform it on the Gaza.

The state of Israel was not done by Jews - at least Jews by birth. They are almost all immigrants that converted to Judaism. They are not a Jews in racial sense. 

And also their action or inaction are talking against them. How they threat the Lord? Where they was when he was dying from the cold and hunger on the streets of Brussels? They has simply put him in prison. 

But the day of the Judgment is coming and all will pay for that.You will pay in silver coins, as once for Jesus...

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