Monday, March 25, 2019

Gantz at AIPAC

The Lord is congratulating Gantz on the occassion of his wonderfull AIPAC speech. Especialy when it comes to Israel security and IDF ties to the God of Israel. 

What is missing is economical part and in this context a way forward to fullify the Lord Manifesto.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Mass media are almost silent on that but NASA does not have good news for you. Recently they have announced two important things. First is that Bennu asteroid has accelerated signifantly.

The other is even worse. They had a plan to send there a starship armed with most powerfull nuclear missiles. But they have calculated that even with them they will be not able to crush 440 000 tons of solid rock that is going to hit the planet Earth.

At same time they are gathering in the U.S. for the Jewish congress that can be seen by some still sane as the last chance. Soon the Lord, the only that can save you is going to hit 40 years. 40 years of oppression, time on street, prison time and now banckrupcy.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Gantz syringe

For who is there of all flesh (mankind) who has heard the voice of the living God speaking from the midst of the fire, as we have, and lived?
Deuteronomy 5:26

There is one big problem with the modern civilization that will ultimately drive it to the destruction on the Day of the Judgment. Those who hear the voice of the living God speaking from the midst of the fire are treated by their compatriots as insane.

They - the Lord prophets - are beign closed in the psychiatric hospitals and also they would close the Lord there if that would be possible.

The Bethlehem star once will be visible on your skies again will show you the way to the Lord but it will be too late for you to save the civilization. 

Those who believed in the living God and heard and obeyed his voice will certainly find their place in Heaven - on another planet. But all others will die in the other Delug sent by the Lord.

That are final years of the Lord on this planet and there is no sign of the sanity coming from the world leaders, as well the common people. You were working for hundreds of years to marginalize the Lord and he will pay you on the Day of Judgment for that...

Persian nostalgy

اَللہُ لَاۤ اِلٰہَ اِلَّا ہُوَۚ اَلْحَیُّ الْقَیُّوۡمُ ۬ۚ لَا تَاۡخُذُہٗ سِنَۃٌ وَّلَا نَوْمٌ ؕ لَہٗ مَا فِی السَّمٰوٰتِ وَمَا فِی الۡاَرْضِ
“Allah – there is no God but he, the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining. Slumber seizes Him not, nor sleep. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth.” (2:256)

Iranian FM Zarif has critizied U.S. and Israel for falsyfing Thora and driving Islamophobia but the truth is that if not Syria Assad Teheran regime would drow in the cows shit.

If Zarif would dear to read the book of Jeremiah he would know that the Lord is able to turn to Babylonian kings to destroy Israel. That was true 4000 years ago and is true nowadays.

But the truth is that modern Iran is not interested in convincing the Lord to make this. Why? Because its teaching are no different from the idolatry of Israeli Rabins or Catholic Pope. They belive not in the living God but some idolatry imagination of the God. That is much easier for them to avoid the criticism of the Lord.

The Lord has open his hand to Palestinians and Iranians that so much hate Israel and opened an online referendum asking if he shall not dissolve the Jewish nation for all they have done. But nobody voted...

Chosing Trump

During his stay in Israel suggested that the Lord has raised Trump to be a saviour for the Jewish people from the menance of Iran. Yes, the Lord favored Trump over Clinton but only beacuse the last one would mean continuation of Obama policies: hunger, starvation and prison.

But it is not said the Lord will continue to support Trump as during his reign nothing has been done. Even single point of his Manifesto has not been realized...


1. The palace in Dobrzyca and Radziwiłł's palace in Warsaw must be handled to the Lord for his headquarters.
2. The Lord must return to his original Radziwiłł name and his family must be fully compensated a loses since the time of partitioning of the Commonwealth of Both People.
3. The Saski's palace and the Grand Synagogue of Warsaw must be rebuilt by the Germany nation. Germany and Russia must compensate the Polish nation a II World War destruction. The special fund for the restoration of Jews by birth must be established.
4. The Israel must acknowledge the Lord personally and pay an annual contribution for their rights to the Holy Land.
5. Lord's father must be acknowledged, as the victim of the Communism and the truth of Lord's forefathers announced to the world.
6. The Catholic Church must stop idolatry's teachings that the Lord is some unknown super-power residing in the skies above the Earth and the original doctrine of God begin a living man must be reintroduced.
7. All the places and monuments that recall so-called Smolensk catastrophe must be removed from the surface of the Earth.
8. The King of Belgium will make a public apology for his treatment of the Lord when He stayed in his Kingdom.
9 Permanent and ancestral position of the High Commissioner of UN Security Council will be given to the Lord

Friday, March 22, 2019

Third Temple

"You show that you are a letter from Christ, delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts." 
2 Corinthians 3:3

Pompeo visit in Israel bringed a video that has removed Muslim mosque on the Temple Mount but instead featuring the Thrid Temple.

There is a legend saying that building it will trigger the end of the world and certainly it is so. The Lord never made  Trump a savoir of the Jewish people. The Lord is the only Saviour that can save you from the end of the world, in just 14 years.

The Lord does not know to whom they are going to build Third Temple but is sure that this will be last thing that they will build ever. Instead to the Temple you will go to the Igloo.

The Lord does not need any temples. The religion was established to help you in dealing with him, so you could avoid the Second Deluge. But instead of praising the LIVING GOD, you and your priests (whatever Christian, Judaism or Muslim) are preaching some idolatory God.

A god that is not from the flesh but is just a concept that they can use to justify any acctions or inactions. They does not count with the Living God, a True God.


The topic of compensations for Holocaust is returning. Today US ambasador raised it again. 

The Lord view on that topic is already clear. Germany, Poles and Russia shall compensate Jewish nation all meterial loses it endured during II World War and the Holocaust in particural. 

Moreover Radziwiłł family shall be compensated for 300 years of oppression since the partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. 

Lord is happy that Polish government want to rebuild Saski palace but want also see rebuild of Great Synagogue of Warsaw. For both Germans shall pay. 

And last. The Radziwiłł palace must be returned in righteousness hands. 

If that will not happen in next 14 years there will be no Salvation from Bennu meteor and your civilization will be crushed to the ground, as once the Jewish nation was... 

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Even Germans see that. Israel has critizised German anti-semitism char for comparing them to Nazi but this is something so visible in the Bibi land that is undeniable.

Why Bibi begin afraid of the Lord security wanted to send him to prison instead of providing security on the level that Israeli embassadors enjoys?

From who he want to make an idiots? If the Lord is so important to the national security of Israel why he is so badly treated by the authorities of Bibi regime... 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Comet's braid

Alan Krueger, an economist who advised presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has died. Our comet's braid touched a new circle at Clinton/Obama conglomerate! 

It was Obama and Komorowski who was presidents at the time of rape in the Radziwillow palace...

Bibi spasm

Today Bibi was really mad on the Lord. Why he has risked election result to put the Lord again in prison?

He claimed that it is for the last security. "Soldier injured in Ariel terrorist attack out of mortal danger" you could read several times during the day on Jerusalem post.

The answer is obvious. He was trying to make his colleague and the head of the civic platform a safe face. 

Szechtyna has been found wildly attacking the Lord with the recent lost of senior mp. Without too much success but the Lord is quite happy and hopes this healing process will continue. 

Interesting in the recent diamond scandal is the position the European Comission taken. Treathing Orban or... maybe just the Lord. 

Schetyna dream

Schetyna dream has been shattered and he is now silent. They told him that the Lord is simply insane and some Jewish bilionare will cleanup the stage. 

In reality even his close friend Kilian did not helped. But Wiesław become a final proof of the involvement of opposition in the rape in the palace. 

A rape that finally is living now in the common awareness . "Woman soldier raped on traverse. We know what happened" Polish media scored. And we really knows... 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mahdi call

The Israel arch-enemies was more that proud today and announced that their terror fight will not end until all terrorist will be 'routed'.

Together with all Kabbalah ladies we can only applaud this statement.

Likud collage

Likud has almost immediately responded to the Blue and White collage by publishing their own of Israeli diamonds.

Bibi promised answers to the families but all they can find are already published on this blog.

The problem lies in the Education of the youth of Israel. They shall be informed about the New Covenant and its implication on the nation.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Leaning into it

The Kaczynski regime is lending into rape deeper. Today Polish media informed "He has been hiding 11 years and is suspected of two rapes".

The first was done in 2010 in Radziwill palace on Christine Ejbol, which now they hid in Denmark, by Lord blueyed clone - SATAN. 

The other one. Well, it was mentioned already. It is claimed that the Lord in his childhood has raped his niece Agnes. Of course, she will deny this claim as false but this will change once she will be replaced by her blue-eyed clone.

What is interested in Kaczynski party is that the same claim of raping Christie by the Lord together with another lie that he has killed Melanie was used to drive our crusaders into Smolensk crash.

Now think a little bit about Kaczynski, who is hunting and opressing the Lord that did nothing but was targeted by Lech and his followers. Kaczynski now is focused on the Lord while is advancing on the General degree a guy that really put his hand in Lech execution... 

Shame to uniform

The Lord is interested in how PM Morawiecki has felt when posing to the joint photo in the uniform of Polish Army while on same day such person was promoted to the General degree.

The person behind lies on Smoleńsk crusade. The person behind symbolic rape of one of Lord beloved which was called by PM Mikołajczyk "Rape of Poland".
Why this person was promoted by President Duda and Minister of Morawiecki government. Why this person is still touching Kabbalah preparing 
assassination and replacement of Lord mother. 

Is not this a shame to every Polish soldier. A shame to the uniform.
Lord can understand why President Duda was doing what he did but cannot find explanation to Morawiecki that claims nota bene to be of Jewish origin... 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

With pain...

Yesterday when President Duda was advancing officers of Polish (sic) Army to the General degree the Lord was remembering times on Brussels street.

It is not an accident that he has invoked Sigmund Freud character. When the war started the Polish team at Radziwillow palace inducted a incredible pain of theets on him. 24 hours per day.

The pain was so big that Sigmunt has commited suicide. But this is not only thing Polish Army have in common with this pre-Nazi time. The death of Pisludski was not accident, nor natural one.

The Nazi started to corrupt Polish Army early together with the rape in palace of Christine Ejbol that was at that time serving in the palace. The Lord forefather called this rape - the rape of Poland as it has lead the country to the fatal end.

Nowadays, we have similar situation and only 14 years to clean up the planet from this Teutonic corruption. Still, instead of execution the persons responsible has been advanced. You do not fear the Lord and you will pay for that.


"Let's talk about that with Anna and if she thinks it is correct lets finishit with that"
Sigmunt Freud
Today President Duda has nominated four new generals: Cierniak, Dąbrowski, Iwanowski and Molenda. Among them at least two that instead of nominated shall be send to the excutioning pluton. 

They not only lead to Smolensk crash but was also involved directly into rape of Christine. 

Why it is so? Because Duda is trying to hide his crack addiction and will do whatever they will dictate him. How the planet will end? Ask dr. Freud, if you do not understand.

To the rescue

BitBond is identical business that Lord owns but from Germany. In 24h they raised 1 million euro. 

For having a child with one of Raga twins Order is offering same amount of money but the Lord would like to pickup the other one. 

He have just applied on some Israeli program. For him it is a test. Maybe final one....

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


How dumb and twisted are your leaders we could observe at the Joe Biden example. Reading the Lord latest post he has commented: 'Careful what you wish for'.

The Lord will be careful, truly careful. After you will be forced by the incoming metor to grant him an access to his ship in 2033 he will check every heart and mind to verify their state. After that he will decide if to depart or save the planet Earth.

That is called the Judgment of God and such idiotic comments shall never come out from someone looking for Presidential post. Instead you shall better think how to overturn the Teutonic teachings of not only Catholic Church that the Jesus Christ is going to die on cross to save you from your sins.

No, he is not going to die on the cross this time. This time he will look deeply into your hearts to check if you deserve the salvation. Salvation from the giant metor that otherwise will hit you.

They say in Israel that Trump is preparing 3 billion aid package for them. The Lord is thinking about how much he will spend on compensations for the losts the Lord endured in past 300 years. From the fall of II Commonwelath when he was richest person in the world to the curent days, when he is on the verge of collapse. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Aiming for natural death

The Lord could stay on Earth only if people there would make conditions that he will die by natural death, as in times of II Commonwealth.

For this two things are required responsible leaders and the Empire. And Trump knows very well that the second is hard to achieve in just 14 years.

That is why the Lord is worried so much about fate of this planet. Nobody did any move to materialize goals of his 9 point Manifesto thus you are close to the catastrophe of size of Biblical deluge. 

This is not rocket science to understand that the Lord have better alternative in the stars and that at the end people here will be abandoned just as they have abandoned the Lord.... 

Chief Rabbis

He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.
Genesis 17:13 
Avigdor Lieberman raged against top Israeli Rabins David Lau and Yitzhak Yosef after DNA test proved they are not of Jewish blood. 

While Lieberman is also not of Jewish Race what the Lord sees with the naked eye, the Lord underlines that both Rabins are Jews. 

The racial aspect is important only in the context of the race that has been in practice erased from Europe due curse of the Holocaust. Not in the sense of beign a Jew. Otherwise Israel would never become a state - as most Jews there are converts not Jews by Birth.

The only obligation from the true Jews that Lord is requiering in the Holy Bible is circurcismon of the men. A circurcismon that is the sign of the everlasting covenant with the Lord. About what Lieberman so often is forgeting.

Cowboy in Israel

Trump after observing Gantz lesson stated that if he would run for Israeli PM he would gain 98% votes. 

Yes, 98% of Israeli would not like their nation to be dissolved as 98% of global population would not want their civilization hit by giant meteor. But singing the Bible is not enough to stay in power whatever in Israel or United States. 

To avoid the second much more is needed. What the Lord has learned from Golan episode is that like in times of Christ the wish of Israeli elites and mainstream population is not to establish the Messiah as the Ruler but just send him to the death on the cross. 

Thish wish is not only visible in Gantz actions but also in in inactions of Netanyahu. That is why the nation have enough of both and will stay in homes instead of going to voting pools. 

For Trump this is yet another warning. If some Democratic candidate will ever open his hand to the Lord he will turn against Trump just as is turning against both Gantz and Netanyahu. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Election drive

The Jewsih nation is mourning again one of the best sons, or rather grandsons. In the unusual sanity drive it was a Simon Peres grandson Asaf Walden that put a shame on his grandfather name. He was just 35 when passed away on Sunday.

Israeli leadership

After Golan Height declaration Gantz brown shirts does not have too much chances to win the elections. He was for moment King of Israel and Bibi was much panicked of that but after such insane move against the Lord Gantz has lost the trust of the nation.

What we can then expect from Bibi? Mainly same passive policy towards the Lord that we have observed through past decade. He will be assing you - showing pictures of all Kabbalah ladies: Nina, Amanda, Christine and even Raga twins. 

The problem is that for the Lord it is not enough. It's simply too little too late. He have bigger ambitions that that. He has proposed a complex 9 points Manifesto that nobody has picked up. 


Moreover, before the Script will take off and the Lord will finally join his ladies - they will murder and replace his Mother. THIS IS POINT OF NO RETURN FOR WHOLE CIVILIZATION.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Who is sane?

It was just one word: sane that has crashed Gantz to the ground. From leader of election race he has dropped to second place behind Netanyahu Likud. 

What Gantz did has reminded many a stories of Jewish cell in the Gestapo and the Lord is happy that so many Israeli did not bought it. 

They does not have any choice and they shall stay in homes not to vote. This will be yet another sad years for the Lord and his nation...

Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy Woman's Day

The recent death of Jewish billionaire was a great gif to all Kabalah ladies that today are celebrating their day but there was one for which it was very special deal. 

The Lord did not needed to depart the Earth. If instead to prison he will be allowed to join with Ms. Bonaparte things would be different now. 

But instead of this she was executed on the way to the Lord and this fallen billionaire was just her executioner. Today he has paid the price and the nation can celebrate as their sins has been at least partially whitewashed. 

But will this be a turning point for the relations Lord have with the diaspora? How many more such 'jewish' billionaires are waiting in the night? 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ehud Arye Laniado

The Jewish nation is mourning one of their greates Sons Ehud Arye Laniado that has died suddently in one of Paris clinics.

Some progress

Gantz said what he has said during event at Golan Height but the platform released statement in which you could read that "every historic diplomatic decision" will be brought by the referendum.

Bibi was furrios on the Lord and the Lord has felt that as his ally in the Polish SEC lost his directorial seat. 

Now Bibi calmed a bit and is assing as usual explaining his inaction by American sanctions. But who will believe in that... 

Monday, March 4, 2019


When the Israeli leaders have shown their true face to the Lord Polish media was informed that "Prosecutors want to make a profound psychiatric test of [Stefan W.]". 

Just after they have published news from California about two girls that after two days has been found alive in the forest. 

They had in the mind Amanda and Christine from the Radziwillow Palace that from years are waiting to join the Lord. The problem is that they are not girls, they are ladies nearing to 40'ths.

When the Day of Judgment will come they will be over 50, as the Lord. And to be honest the Lord has planned for them something else. He will take them to Kepler and will return their youngness to them. 

There they will create a new civilizations. Living far from their oppressors.

The truth is that you have lost your biggest card already. What you are going to offer the Lord is too little, too late. He has a better alternative. And yes, there is also Lord's Mother, that you are going to slain first...

Two headed cattle

Today Ayatollah Khamenei instructed his President: "Do not waste time with Europe" but in reality, he has told the Lord "Do not waste time with Israel". 

On the same time, the attack has come from both Benjamin Netanyahu and Benjamin Gantz. In the unusual (we shall get used to that) manner they ordered their followers to take the Lord to modern gas chamber - psychiatric hospital.

 "PM thanked Samona president for support in international forums", you could read on the front page of Netanyahu Jerusalem Post. While on Gantz Haaretz you could read a statement that he "will work with anybody who is Zionist and sane".

Both statements came at the same time together with ambulance designed to take the Lord to the House of his Father. 

Khamenei had a lot of fun, not only because gassing the Lord out - they have dissolved their nation, as the Biblical orderal made by the Lord thousands of years ago and enacted in the Holy Bible has departed from before him.  

Khamenei surly remebers that same thing Ayatoylah Khomeini did to Lord father - dissolving not the Jewish nation, as the Father had already an offspring but dissolving the Soviet Union - dissolving their morale at least...

The Lord will, however, make Khamenei humor worse. Whatever he says in the Lord eyes his regime is no different from that we face nowadays in Israel. And if whole things will follow in this same manner, whatever if you vote Netanyahu or Gantz they will lead you to the same. Not to the synagogue on Temple Mount but to the igloo...

Nihil novi

In Israel there is nothing to be changed. Today Gantz made it clear stating that the Lord is not sane.

The best and only choice is for all those still loyal to the Lord to abstain from the vote.

This will be silly four years whatever Gantz or Netanyahu will win. There is no hope for regime change and our disgusser will continue their vandalism on the Holy Land.

Next elections will be held in 2023 making it hard to achieve Lord goals set for the world. The only possible scenario is for the Lord to depart the planet, forever...

Yes go vote. Vote for The Deluge! 



Sunday, March 3, 2019


The leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has today criticised numerous Arab states for attemps to normalize ties with Israel. He has stated that "Normalization of ties with Israel contradicts Islamic teachings".

The Lord, that is called in Islamic teachings, Allah, is surprised about what teaching this fake puppet of Iranian regime is talking and to who he is praying each day?

The heretical regime of Iran, is no different from those run by Beniamin Nethanyahu and not once has steeped into direct confrontation with the Lord. The biggest figure that fallen on the Lord doorstep was Ayathoylah Khomeini.

What is important to note is that Khomeini was just mad about the God and in his heresy was trying to achieve world without the God. Eliminating the Lord father then he turned directly against the Lord, when the last had just few years, learning alphabet.

It shall be made clear, that none of current religous establishment has ever tried to establish friendly relation with the Lord and thus is not speaking in his name. What Mr. Ansarullah, inspired by the Iranian blashemy, is doing is just a heresy agains the true faith of millions of Muslim people... 

It's only matter of time for the people to realize that Mr. Ansarullah is not speaking in the name of the Lord but just Satan and this false regimes will fall. Just as those of Nethanyahu...