Friday, March 22, 2019


The topic of compensations for Holocaust is returning. Today US ambasador raised it again. 

The Lord view on that topic is already clear. Germany, Poles and Russia shall compensate Jewish nation all meterial loses it endured during II World War and the Holocaust in particural. 

Moreover Radziwiłł family shall be compensated for 300 years of oppression since the partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. 

Lord is happy that Polish government want to rebuild Saski palace but want also see rebuild of Great Synagogue of Warsaw. For both Germans shall pay. 

And last. The Radziwiłł palace must be returned in righteousness hands. 

If that will not happen in next 14 years there will be no Salvation from Bennu meteor and your civilization will be crushed to the ground, as once the Jewish nation was... 

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