Monday, April 29, 2019

Black volga

Dear stranger,
if you will be ever offered the black Volga, first watch the video attached to this post. This verse presented in it acts as a true detonator and you will never reach the end of our infamous Route 66.

You have been told many lies. You have been offered maybe some incredible money. But remember before you there was many like that. Hundreds, if not thousands of disbelievers. That all shared the same fate.

Do not alow to be yet another one crammed into the bottle. There will be no respect for you afterward. The only thing you will bring to you and your family will be an eternal shame. The shame of being this one that once for ever tried to dissolve the Jewish nation.

Take this verse offered to you to your heart because there is a proud nation on this planet that has encoded it in there. Rember, this black Volga is for real just as the Lord - God of Israel is. It's a true inferno...

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