Monday, May 20, 2019

Trump empty threats

Dear Trump with you latest tweet threatening Iran or maybe the Lord you are just silly.

In fact when it comes to the Lord you are powerless not able to harm him in any way. 

The Lord is just warning you all that your civilization nears to the end. End of ignorance and rejection. 

The void that has replaced faith on this planet is just perfect food for the Lord wrath. 

Before you there was more powerful and advanced civilizations that was destroyed at the Lord will and you are going to share their fate. 

You say you have all the resources to confront the Lord but one fundamental you are lacking. It is a time. Time that runs so quickly. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Princess Kate has designed garden. Cutty would say for some other Jewish Prince but on another planet.

That is how our life will be looking on another planet. In heaven, you could say. 

The Lord is crashed again. The business he had hope for was pacified by Pinocchio team from Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

There is nothing that keeps him connected to the planet Earth. Congratulations... 

Win for Hitler

Polish Pinocchio said that returning Jewish property by the Polish state would be 'a win for Hitler'. Whatever they say they have just 14 years to make it reality, together with compensations paid by Germany and Russia.

The Lord will only say that the time of street live in Brussels, sleeping camp in Ixeles and prison time in Forest and Poland could not be bigger win of Hitler. But does our Pinocchio cares?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Space girls

The whole strategy of tackling the Lord is simple. He will meet wonderful Kabbalah ladies and he will fall in the love not thinking about departing the planet. To easy his existence we will also trade some million dollars.

The reality of the Judgment of God is different, however. For first it will be in 14 years when both Lord and his ladies will be relatively old. For second this will not override the past decades of persecution and marginalization.

The Lord will accept both money and ladies but will not change his mind about departing this world. Simply these artifacts will make his existence easier. Waiting for the final departure surrounded by the loved and wronged ladies is always nice but he will simply take them together with himself. To rejuvenate them in the skies.

This way real heaven will be created and the old, sick world destroyed to be reborn one more time.

Monday, May 13, 2019


For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith. For if those who are of the Law are heirs, faith is made void and the promise is nullified; for the Law brings about wrath, but where there is no law, there also is no violation
Romans 4:13-17

There is a big fuss in Poland after Congress has voted on law 447. Both sides are partially right. Jews because they want restitution for stolen Jewish properties as the consequence of II World War and so-called Bierut's decree. Poles because they do not respect foreign Jewish organizations.

The truth is that the Jewish nation has a mechanism to deal with such a claim. It is the Lord who is the biblical heir of the nation. But do they invited him to talks? 

At the same time, Israeli wanted to send their delegation what was rejected by our Pinocchio. In response, Poles said that they want 1 TRILLION dollars from Germany. Well, both sides of the equation are partially right but until they will stop ignore the Lord the equation will be unsolvable. 

And they need to do both reparations from Germany and restitution from Poland if they want to survive the Lord wrath. The time is running out, as the patience of the Lord.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Two heads

Tonight all the catholic shit flowed up again. The Lord has been once more reminded about Amanda, one of Kabbalah twins in the Radziwill Palace.

The problem is that to her is growing rights some other cavalier. And this person was leading Bloshevik invasion on the time when the attached portrait was made.

Our genuios at Kremlin will for sure do it again, as the Bloshevik Knight going to rescue his Princess from the arms of evil White Lord.

This is not only problem to which Kaczynski Teutons are gearing. The whole thing will be started from the murder of Mother of God. A clear act that they do not want to perform before the elections. And if they will do it, they can forget about their planet for thousands of years.

Lord's corner

"Ille terrarium mihi praeter omnes angulus ridet"

Polish Pinochio has just announced that Polish goverement will never pay the compensations to the Jewish nation but the Lord is calm about that. The pinochio nose is growing bigger and bigger with every lie he is making.

Not only Polish but also German and Russian goverements will need to make such compenstaions sooner or later as it is one of the very first point of the Lord manifesto.

If it will be not materlizided from before the Lord then your civilization will be destroyed at the Lord will. So think twice dear Pinochio before you will open your mouth...

Saturday, May 4, 2019

99942 Apophis

First they told you about asteroid Bennu that in more that hundred years will hit the Earth. Now, officialy, they told you that around 2029 Bethlehem's star will be again visible by the naked eye. 

Yes, there is no need to panic. It happens every hundred years but for the very first time you have so much fucked up the things that the Lord is wishing you to be hit be it.

And they are preparing for the scenario. Saying basicaly what the Lord told you. It will be long cosmic winter in the aftermatch. Do not panic, they know what to do. Does they?

Thursday, May 2, 2019


In Israel still there is almost 200 000 Holocaust survivors. 25% of them lives in the powerty. Nobody cares of them, just as about the Lord.

Today when whole of Israel stopped for a moment to commemorate this bigest crime in the history of mankind, the Polish Kukiz'15 is going to announce a new bill that will forbrid the state to compensate Jews for the loses they endured during II World War and communism. 

Just to remind you, such compensation is a must if you want to survive beyond 2033...

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


This was last chance for mankind but the American dream from rags to riches will not qualify thanks to the plans of Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki.

In his actions, our Pinocchio is undermining economical order that was established in Europe by our forefathers but is making a real mess to the Lord's plans too. 

The Lord will notify the European supervisory body of this blatant violation of the rule of law and the position of the Warsaw Stock Exchange but will it help him? 

There is little if none hope that the situation will change, so do not be surprised when the Lord will depart this planet to another one. It's only matter of the time, not the resources...