Saturday, May 18, 2019

Space girls

The whole strategy of tackling the Lord is simple. He will meet wonderful Kabbalah ladies and he will fall in the love not thinking about departing the planet. To easy his existence we will also trade some million dollars.

The reality of the Judgment of God is different, however. For first it will be in 14 years when both Lord and his ladies will be relatively old. For second this will not override the past decades of persecution and marginalization.

The Lord will accept both money and ladies but will not change his mind about departing this world. Simply these artifacts will make his existence easier. Waiting for the final departure surrounded by the loved and wronged ladies is always nice but he will simply take them together with himself. To rejuvenate them in the skies.

This way real heaven will be created and the old, sick world destroyed to be reborn one more time.

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