Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Turkish President Erdogan said that his Egyptian counterpart was killed. If he, like anybody else, would not take a route to execute the Lord he would be still alive.

But it was good that Mursi wanted to achieve a world without God. That way the justice was served and our Kabbalah lady - Christine can be happy that one more of her oppressors has been eliminated.

It is a whole string of Malta Order cavaliers that provoked by the truth on the rape of Poland has joined Mursi recently and you can be sure that before 2033 all of those that be his action or inaction has out their hand into the rape in the palace will be served justice.

Nobody of them will survive. Whatever they were Generals or Presidents or just executioners. They all will be dead by 2033. That is the will of the Lord that on that year will judge this world, maybe for the very last time.

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