Friday, June 28, 2019

Nearing the end

Are we really nearing the end of the civilization? The answer is simple and painful: YES, WE DO.

The Lord has undertaken in past months several social and commercial project and the effect of them is just a marginal. For him, it is only confirmation that this globe after the Holocaust has become unhabitable for him and it is time to change the planet.

Of course, both common people and their rulers do not see that problem, as they have been blinded by the Maltese script. In their naivety, they believe they will simply pay the Lord some small money and will give him all those wonderful Kabbalah ladies and it will be business as usual.  No, it will be not.

The harms done by Holocaust are going to far and the Lord cannot risk any more generations exposed to same suicidal end, as we scored on Mars. Therefore his decision is to depart the planet to give us one more chance somewhere in the space. It is something that both common people and their rulers confirmed by their ignorance. Something that is imminent...

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