Monday, July 29, 2019

Battle of Warsaw (1920/2020)

Poles are waiting for the premiere of Pilsudski movie and he is preparing to finally meet Amanda, our Kabbalah lady. The romance of Witkacy and She was marked by the famous 1920 Battle of Warsaw that could be repeated, again.

It is no secret that the events Lord or his anointed meets on his way are from the age to age the same. The problem is that the scripture they are executing is calculated at the partitioning. This time of the European Union as a whole.

The scenario that could not be possible if the Lord brother - the Tsar - would be kept in power. And here comes the Scripture. 

First, Poles will be leading force in beheading the Tsar, just like in 1918 Bolshevik revolution. Whatever he would be eliminated or replaced, Russia will go again from White to Red and the French corruption will for some time spread to the Eastern world. 

But this is the only beginning of the plot. Then after installing the new puppet regime in Moscow, the Order will perform execution and replacement of the Mother of God. Doing this by the Bolshevik hands - they will try to hide the true origin of the corruption - that comes straight from the Holy See.

Then another phase of the military game will start. The Bolsheviks will be driven by the same secret sin and corruption to silence the Lord, as the Western nobility is now. As the part of the plot - they would - strike Warsaw, trying to capture the Lord and his land. 

And how they want to silence Him? They cannot kill him while he does not have offspring, so they will rape him - by using his niece - that they would replace together with the mother. 

It is a complete Russian package calculated at destroying the sovereignty and integrity of the European Union. It was maybe useful for the Order to destroy the Lord power in previous centauries by Partitioning the Commonwealth of Both People but nowadays it is a harm to the whole Western world and European Union in particular. 

And the Poles? Well, by participating in their own self-destruction they will not gain support in the already corrupted NATO. They will be left alone, just as in 1920. But this time there is no Marshal Pilsudski that will make a wonder there. And even the best movie will not change that...

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