Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Pilgrimage

In 2033 the Lord will make an official Pilgrimage to the Middle East. He will come to Jerusalem to announce his ruling on the world. The ruling, as on today, is negative. Many things must change to change the Lord mind.

The whole class of politicians needs to be changed. Netanyahu, Merkel, Tusk, Macron, Trump and many others that were not able to start a real dialogue with the Lord must go astray. They are in minds from the previous age. The New Age is coming and you must prepare the world for it.

You have lost 40th years. Your politicians, if was not in fighting the Lord in the very best case was posing, as he. That must end. Saying, he is like Schetyna will not resolve the problem you and your globe is facing.

You need a completely new class of politicians that will stop to lose time on meaningless words and actions and will start a real dialogue with the Lord. A dialogue that will eventually change his mind. As he, for today, is giving you 0.01% for survival. The Pilgrimage has started, do not lose time anymore.

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