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God's Hand is direct continuation of Adam Mickiewicz Circle of God's Case. As they we are small community dedicated to creation of 'God's troupe' that will play direct role in coming of the Kingdom of God.

We had created a 9 points Manifesto - the Miracles of the Lord - that was presented to the Pope Francis. We do not want to create a yet another Church but we call on our followers to fight with the idolatry teaching of the Church on God being some invisible super power residing in the Skies above the Earth.

We believe that the God is a living man and we are working, as the Soldiers of Christ to establish Lord's rule on the Earth through the United Nations. We call on all to follow the God's Word directly through this blog but to not leave their spiritual community.

We are commit to finding the Son of God and his reunion with the Lord. We are looking on this as the only way to guarantee long lasting peace with the Russian Federation. We treat this case as part of the Palestinian cause.

In our work we are close to teaching of Jewish Kabbalah. We teach people on the Script that is runing it, as on al  names of the God, his incarnations.

We believe that it is turning point in history in which we will enter “New Era of Christianity” in which the Lord will be no longer invisible but will have real influence over the world. An era where all religions. mainly Christianity, Islam and Judaism will co-exists peacefully under the banner of the Almighty God.

Remembering the harm that was done to Jewry in Poland by the Holocaust we support revival of Polish Jewry and call on all Poles of Jewish race to awake and turn to Judaism, as the faith of their ancestors. We believe that through this Jewish culture can be reborn in this devastated country.

We call all lodges of the Freemasonry to diffuse influence of the Order of Malta and the Illuminati of Bavaria and base their work on the Word of God under his direct guidance.

If You share our goals and views please join us and follow us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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