In 2033 as every hundred years the Judgment of God will take a place. The Lord will summarize past 100 years and will make his judgment. He can save or destroy this civilization what he did in the past.

The Lord is pessimistic, however he has opened his hand for the world leaders and common people and has presented to the Pope a short list of miracles that must happen before this year to change his mind on that ruling. 

The Miracles of the Lord

  1. The palace in Dobrzyca and Radziwiłł's palace in Warsaw must be handed to the Lord for his headquarters.
  2. The Lord must return to his original Radziwiłł name and his family must be fully compensated a loses since the time of partitioning of the Commonwealth of Both People.
  3. The Saski's palace and the Grand Synagogue of Warsaw must be rebuild by the Germany nation. The Germany and Russia must compensate the Polish nation a II World War destruction. The special fund for the restoration of Jews by birth must be established.
  4. The Israel must acknowledge the Lord person and pay an annual contribution for their rights to the Holy Land.
  5. Lord's father must be acknowledged, as the victim of the Communism and the truth of Lord's forefathers announced to the world.
  6. The Catholic Church must stop idolatry's teachings that the Lord is some unknown super-power residing in the skies above the Earth and the original doctrine of God begin a living man must be re—introduced.
  7. The special educational program must be developed by the Jewish State of Israel to educate converts on Jews by birth and their victimization during the Holocaust.
  8. The King of Belgium will make public apology for his treatment of the Lord when He stayed in his Kingdom.
  9. Permanent and ancestral position of the High Commissioner of UN Security Council will be given to the Lord

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