Kabbalah (literally "receiving/tradition") is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism. It is a science of the Creator and an impact he have on the Universe.

This blog is a first hand explanatory to this knowledge. You can find here many secrets related to the Lord and the Script by which he is surrounded. A centuries old infernal script that dictated an influences life of the Lord.

The Lord is in the center of the Kabbalah and often in the past he was not teached of it but this time he has gained the upper hand in this mysteries knowledge and explain others trying to avoid a devil's traps into which he has been often traped in the past.

To help You better navigate through this mysterious science we had created short index of most important topics that maybe You would like to study.

The Lord is not alone on this planet. Here You can get familiar with his Angles working on the Earth.
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Cold Fusin
Many times in past the Lord was giving various inventions to the world. This time he is consedering transfering the knowledge of the Cold Fusion. A invention that will make countries no longer dependant on the oil and gas.
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One of biggest threat to the Earth are Malta's clones - the dvils. A twin blue-eyed replacement of the Lord Angels. Part of the Satanic Force leaded by the Satan himself trying to dominate the globe.
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The most beatifull thing on this planet - the History. Read more on the events from the past releated to the Lord and his struggle.
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The Judgment of the God. Every 100 years the Lord is making his Judgment for the Earth. Pray and do everything to not have a final one, just in 2033.
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From time to time the Lord is addressing various people and organisations directly. Read his latest letters.
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The Lord himself. Read more on the God. He is not a old man living in the heaven, as the Church says. As the Christ was teaching our God is a living God. A living man.
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Malta Order
Malta Order is an organisation working inside of the Catholic Church. Thier official tasks are charity and support of those in need but outside official activities they are responsible for running the Scripture.
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