It is the true. The Lord have a son – the Messiah. It has been born in 2003 and have now 13 years. Probable he lives somewhere in Poland.

The situation is tragic. The Lord is denied any information on him and does not have any contact with him or his mother. The world powers say the Lord could have bad influence on his son but it is only true if they have bad intentions toward both.

The Lord will do everything to find him out. The reward is negotiable and for real and will be payed by the OPEC as part of our peace deal.

Since the fall of his Commonwealth it is rare in his family for son to grow up with the father, Usually they have different names and different families. Also in this generation it is a problem but the Lord want to change it.

Some of our friends stated that this cause is their cause. Cause of Palestine. The Lord is thankful and hopes together we will find him.

It is matter of to be or not to be for millions of people, mostly Poles. We can avoid a war with the Russia if this duo will be reunited. They can save the world but only if this two will be together.
We do not know too much about the Messiah but he have characteristic for the Lord family mole on edge of his right ear.

If You have any information on him please contact us. The prize is waiting and it is not only money foremost global peace. Please JOIN US in our search!

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