Names of God

Most of You declares thyself, as believing in the God. But does You know anything about him? Does You know his names?

Often hidden in the shadows of Jewish Kabbalah. Born and grow up under different names. To help You discover their true faces and history we had created new series entitled 'The Names of God'. Here we will provide all of them from the XVII century until  modern times.

Michał ' Rybeńko' Radziwiłłł (1702-1762)

Lithuanian Prince and Hetman, incredible rich and famous from his feasts. Last born under Radziwiłł name.

He was last incarnation of the Lord that was living before the partitioning of  the Commonwealth of Both People.

Ignacy Augustyn Michał Gorzeński (1743 – 1816) 

Senator, chamberlain, aide and chief of Military Office of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski and his general. Coauthor of Polish Constitution of 3 May.

One of most fameous Polish Freemasons. Owner of Dobrzyca Palace. The last of the Lords that had signifant estate.

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