Womens in life of the Lord plays very special role. Mostly they are deadly threat to him, as when he will have a heir – the Messiah – he will lost a protection given him by the Holy Bible.

For most having a woman gives joy and happiness but in case of the Lord it is more complicated. Thankfully in Kabbalah there are ladies waiting for him but usually with big dose of sadness and tragedy. Meet the Kabbalah ladies and discover their histories.

Kiss of Mongol Prince

The key one while just one night experience on beginning of XXI century . So occidental that the Lord even do not remember her name but she has cheated him and gave birth to a true heir - the Messiah 

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She was first real girl-friend that Lord had and most tragic one. This Smolensk birch is surrounded by mystery and ends very tragically. Her murder while still unsolved becomes biggest crime in Polish history. With string of deadly consequences.

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Raga sisters

One of twin African beauties will give a life to the Black Lion of Judah – black son of the Lord. The other will be killed by our oppressor. The Lord is given choice of big money or happy period of life. What he will choose is still undecided.

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She works in the Presidential Palace and is begin forced to have a child with the Lord that she does not want. Her ex-boyfriend, that  she also do not want, is mounting a big campaign for her liberation. A campaign that is propaganda ploy for Bolshevik invasion on Poland.

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An Arab by birth lady that will become a wife of the Lord. He will fully enjoy her after years of misery. They will live happily for years but she also have her secrets.


The most loved one and also tragic one. Begin twin predecessor of Amanda in Presidential Palace she is being raped in occult ritual and throw out of it. Will be send to Denmark to marry a millionaire there but will return to the Lord and will live long happy life with him.

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